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Whether the width of soul and economy are compatible? Each good line has

the shadow, the negative. The Russian width of soul in life quite often is wrapped in a cult of excesses which we do not consider as that or at all we do not notice it.

And too, on our concepts, economical and prudent Europeans if are not ostracized us, then at least nevertheless cause feeling of disapproval and misunderstanding.

Will not come to the European to mind to proclaim the slogan: “The economy has to be economical!“ - first of all because at them all life in general is very economical. Undoubtedly, it is one of the making their prosperity and progress.

About fifteen years ago I had pleasure to replace the Soviet gas stove with an import brand. I will not call either that, or other brand you know why, though there is a strong wish.

On a new plate the teapot began to boil literally in a minute, without having managed to heat degrees on five kitchen space as happened earlier. I was perplexed about it very long because in practice and very impressively the expensive party of our economy opened.

Now at my former requirements I began to spend gas of percent 10 smaller! And if to consider that it not only I? Then, however, I found a justification of industrial disorder. The gas stove at us carries out one more function - it warms the room: so to speak, two in one. All know what with heating at us a crunch. Well, well, winter I justified, and summer? Here my patriotism could invent nothing in a justification of our sloppiness.

I understand, twenty years ago when the cubic meter of gas cost several kopeks, it were trifles especially as gas was loads, and it was our, Soviet. But now all in a different way! Also it would be time to stop up all holes from where gas, and currency of the state and not such the transcendental income of the ordinary citizen flows away not just.

And there is one curious version. The economy, first of all, assumes the strict account that means permanent control. But the meticulous European accounting of gas, water and heat which - to whom, and especially that who sits on these pipes, holding both hands the precious gate, is unprofitable. If all begin to consider and save, then the owner of a pipe will not be able to afford it, to put it mildly, voluntarism what he practices now.

And here in the Ukrainian family of the baltsky school student Vladimir Kulik the plate was our, ordinary, as brought him absolutely to other level of thinking. Once, helping mother in kitchen, he paid attention to what becomes intolerably hot, especially when on a plate three or four pans. The young rationalizer reflected what to make that gas did not burn down for nothing. Being expressed on - scientific, he decided to increase efficiency (efficiency) of a plate.

And it managed it! It made a nozzle of the fifth pan, namely - the truncated cone. This nozzle, covering a pan from above, reduces a gas consumption in the course of cooking by 17% in comparison with usual. If to consider that 15 million Ukrainian families use household gas stoves, then annually by means of this device it is possible to preserve up to 750 million cubic meters of gas only in Ukraine.

We will remind that it is nearly a half of the budget of Odessa region where there lives a young rationalizer. In the spring of this year 14 - the summer inventor presented the idea at the All-Ukrainian exhibition “Country of Young Masters“ where about his noa - Hau examined the president of Ukraine Viktoryanukovich. And in May Vladimir Kulik took the second place at a national stage scientifically - a technical competition for school students “Intel - the Techno - 2011“.

On those plates that already are in operation, it is possible to apply the young man`s nozzles from Balta if someone makes them serially. And if to get at the root as Kozma Prutkov advised, then it is necessary to cease to stamp such expensive plates. In import gas stoves the torch is located to the heated surface much closer: in it the main secret.

It is difficult to present, but the solution only of this hassle correcting errors of designers of a plate can bring huge dividends. And we will become several steps closer to power independence about which it is continuous and iridescent we dream, lying on the furnace as Emel`s idler from the famous fairy tale. If, of course, it really is necessary to us.

And the young physicist from the Odessa Balta will far go even if his idea will not be realized: it has a mass of others. Now the school student is perplexed why kinetic energy of the cars moving on the road is not used. Its huge number uselessly goes to asphalt.

If to create the generator in the form of plates on a paving, then cars will run into plates, and they - to develop electricity. You think, imaginations? You are mistaken. This principle called by the principle of piezoelectricity was already applied in one of night clubs of Holland recently. Footfall of legs in that club lights rooms where dancing frolic.

Yesterday I learned that the advanced Israelis were ahead of us. It is known that thoughts soar in air. They, that is for thoughts, grabbed them earlier. In Tel - to Avivah such road which lights itself is already constructed. However, so far as experiment.

A wish arose - can, in our justification - to remind you one fact. To us, unlike other nations, other scale of the personality is inherent in Slavs. Now I speak about aura. It appears, around the Russian person the aura extends nearly to one and a half meters, and at east people it is twice less. Agree, this fact clears up business a little.

Obviously, from - for our aura we all and always need twice more that it was simpler. So to us is quieter, more comfortable, perhaps: there is still a stock, it is possible not to save. As they say, not the last penny is eaten.

And if it is absolutely serious, about a plate is only one example. But so, unfortunately, the situation is in everything. All our activity is twice more energy-intensive, that is twice less energoeffektivn, than, say, in Belarus.

It is, of course, average temperature on hospital, but she speaks about much too. We need to learn to look at our reality as that school student, - critically and innovatively. If we are able.

Time has come, long ago came. Oh, as if it did not leave …