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Why we are afraid to fall in love?

of the Word of one little man close to me struck me and suggested a certain idea. This little man is afraid of arrival of spring and together with arrival of a season the next time is afraid to fall in love, again to burn and feel disappointment pain.

But why, every time having feeling of love, we expect to receive not just flash of hot emotions and to hold in remembrance them, and we seek to carry by these feelings through all life, turning into an eternal coition of two hearts once and for all? Since the childhood read us tales of eternal love where the heroes who found each other after the endured events live long and happily, but … Who read continuation of “Snow White“ or “Sleeping Beauty“ or “Romeo and Juliette“? In books everything to idiocy is simple: a hot kiss, embraces, happy life near darling for ever. But unless at least one family couple of fantastically in love faces at the time of development of a plot banal domestic squabbles which so like to make the life ours miserable? I think, no. The prince charming does not get up every morning for work, and is very rare on darling, and the princess by a wave of a sleeve or by means of the fairy godmother, does not make a lunch, having brought the ached child from a kindergarten. Alas, similar miracles are not possible out of glossy pages.

And firm and eternal, poisonous and devouring us from within feeling of jealousy? Why about it is mute beautiful stories are silent? Where a guarantee that the prince never for all life reproached the Snow White? In total - she spent a lot of time one in the big company with seven men in a lodge in the depth of the wood ….

Or to take Romeo and his beloved. Who knows. why Shakespeare, quite so finished the story? Let`s assume that they lived long and schatl … too though is not present, just long. They, of course would have children, and Juliette would suffer from the fact that her and his parents do not see grandsons. She would hardly tear communication with mother, and would listen to reproaches from the husband who could not forgive offenses. And it in turn would be damned more than once for death of her brother. Interestingly, than such family life would end? Eternal tortures from two parties or usual divorce???

So why, all of us, it seems reasonable people expect from ourselves similar some fantastic acts? Girls wait for the prince on a white horse, though the horse should and eat and celebrate, sorry, natural need, plus leaving is necessary for this beautiful creature. Means behind these affairs the prince will not be able to sit next and meet declines and dawn every second. What will be?

- Darling, you stopped loving me, time began to give less to me attention?

Well, he just since the morning went to mow hay for a horse, hoping that on arrival it will be waited by a big breakfast ….

And men? From where such naive thought that the woman is a robot at which the head cannot ache actually, deteriorates mood, to be not suitable a situation? And for some reason this robot has to suffer from a nymphomania, eternally, every minute suffering from a chronic lack of sex??? The girl has to be always in good mood, that is eternally smile what too has to suggest a certain idea of her mental state, by the way …

I after a similar deal we still wait for something unusual? Whether it is simpler, to perceive love just as a present state of mind, let and such fine. Without hoping for eternity and without trying to build far plans for the future, only receiving pleasures from today? There is it that not we were stopped loving, and we ceased to love … And what then to do??? To pull down someone`s hopes which were constructed by the same naive criteria, to break heart and to settle sensation of fear before new love … Life is transient

, and every second is unique, And, I think, first of all it is necessary to appreciate what is at the moment, thanking destiny for lived and endured even if and not always pleasant and delightful. Yes, let there were also mistakes, and it was inexpressibly sick, but these are our memoirs and our experience. Having lived the life, to us will be what to remember, and, without throwing fault on others, we with pride will be able to tell that we lived long and not sad life, something bad always goes near something fine ….

To us not to avoid life in all its manifestations as well as not to turn out to cope with death … But it is also our LIFE overflowing souls with a whirlwind of emotions …