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Unless it is bad to be the egoist?

If told me earlier that the egoist not to be bad at all, I would be indignant. Always treated egoists osuzhdayushche. But it turns out that not everything is so simple and unambiguous. If the word “egoist“ is considered by you as reproach in vanity, then you just are not able to love yourself and do not even represent how negatively this fact can affect your life.

without going into extremes

there is such science - to love itself. And it is good to seize it everything. In only case when it is possible to live in harmony with himself. So psychologists consider. It is taught also by life.

Prevent to comprehend self-love science very often wrong representations. Staying in captivity at extremes, the love to itself is considered as something indecent. If you it is self-sacrificing, having forgotten about itself, you serve children, the husband, friends, society - it is perceived as due.

Many see before themselves only two extremes: the first - to be a bitch, the second - to endow herself. Actually the self-love is perfectly combined with love to people around. It is not necessary to confuse vanity to self-admiration only.

Life shows that selfish people, as a rule, try to obtain much in life. It is interesting to communicate with them. And you, probably, heard more than once that the people who are not loving themselves are not capable to fall in love with others. Therefore if so it happened that you are not able to love yourself, then try to learn it.

Professional advice: begin with the egoist`s spell

“I approve myself!“ - it is necessary to repeat this phrase time 400 in day for a month. Live with it. This spell will help to force out all that negative which prevents you to love itself(himself) on a consciousness surface. This exercise helped hundreds of people to change itself and the life. Try! It will not take a lot of time, and the result will please you.

the Example from life

to Sing the praises of itself, to convince itself that they is not present on light of the person more lovely etc. - all this auto-suggestion seemed to me ridiculous and superfluous earlier. But the meeting with the old acquaintance which behavior at the time of our youth seemed to me enough - strange changed my opinion.

... About eight years ago we worked together with Olya at one big enterprise. Olga - the person kind, attentive, responsible. But absolutely externally not attractive. And it is still poorly told. However she spared no expense for fashionable clothes and good cosmetics. And this with the fact that the salary was not ooh what big and was in its charge younger sister. Many employees laughed at it supposedly here will help nothing. But Olga continued to care for herself and to cherish. And once it just struck all, having told: “This morning I looked at myself in a mirror and thought what I all - pretty!“.

Now I was faced by the elegant, well-groomed woman who achieved much in life. And the husband at it loving and attentive, and the work bringing not only decent money, but also giving pleasure. And she achieved all this the persistence, self-confidence, love to herself. Than not an example for imitation?

to be pleasant to itself

When we are happy with ourselves, the confidence that a lot of things to us on a shoulder appears. And business is argued.

One wise man uttered remarkable thought: “Love to - the most remarkable love. It can last all life …“.

we Begin to love ourselves

to Women is pleasant to change. Therefore at least once in a month allow the hairdresser to put in order your hair, to the makeup artist - your person. Make manicure and a pedicure at the professional. It will raise your self-assessment.

Do not forget to indulge yourself with gifts. Not necessarily expensive. Any trifle will be pleasant. Lipstick, scarf, hairpin - small pleasures which will positively affect your mood.

Do not forget that any changes in shape rivet attention of people around. Change style. It is not necessary that close people got used to your shape.

You try to catch on yourself man`s eyes. From them to you will become more pleasant and quieter. Having received even by the way slightly - slightly man`s attention, the woman internally changes and feels like the queen.

Have love affairs with yourself - fall in love with yourself! And you are convinced that life will give you a lot more pleasant surprises.