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Conversation of first

Hi, Rikla. I came to your Call and is ready to listen and absorb energy of the spilled truth.

- Hi, Avetin. You were called not by me, and your question which did not receive the answer and hanging over your aura and on this instant.

- Yes, the Father, you are right. I will ask you directly: “What it “the end Sveta“ about which prophets of all ­ sovremennost spoke and speak ­ and what is prepared to people of this civilization of Earth?“

- The question is uncompromising, as well as the answer. What you called “doomsday“ by all means will occur, and much quicker, than can seem to much. Moreover, it already occurs. The world falls, and civilization life promptly fades. Look around, and you will see it. But if you are attentive, then you will see the light also at the end of a tunnel, both Fire Life-giving, and the Universal Wind which is carrying away ashes in a non-existence of the forms of this world which decayed and burned on Fire of Space Uniform. And also - unknown breath of the following stage of evolution of this planet. You asked about people? And that people! They still remain the only Creators of the planet, as well as themselves. Without person any evolution on Earth is impossible. The person - the destroyer already made the business and now on the remains of big fires it is necessary to grow Grain of the person - the creator, the Creator. Today preservation of the Uniform thread of Understanding of Earth in integrity is already problematic. Intermediaries, Avetin, those through whom there will pass communication of two worlds are necessary, for energy and matter, the Sky and Earth (time already people divided them in the understanding of the universe) - intermediaries of two subsequent stages of evolution of this planet, to be exact, to life on it. Fire, the son came. The thin plan of destruction acquired by people of many generations burns in the light of this Fire. It is not that fire in which flame the woods burn today, mountains, the seas - this fire of big fires is conducted. Gods punished the fellow Prometheus for the fact that he early brought to people heat of this fire. Here also people the planet scorch today. But she will not begin to be silent! It already on our memory happened more than once. And every time windows and doors universal opened, and blew these ashes and a soot together with everything that burned down, space turning into dust. And then again “peace and harmony, God`s grace“. Also new islands from the new sea were born. It, son, generally. On Earth exist it and only its form, and what outside forms lies this is conducted by the little. The earth - the planet of rather low level of understanding therefore its evolution happens in such rigid forms. Change of levels of understanding of Earth happens to full replacement of a certain type of life forms on it. All know that the person is the highest form of understanding on Earth. He is the only conscious Creator on this Planet. It will correspond first of all to the creativity. What the person will seed, will reap because except him it could not be done. Same it is so simple, the son. The person - the destroyer of life forms of Earth, including, and own. The same person was a creator and the Creator of the same forms initially. Now it needs to return to this point of space again to stop process of destruction of forms of Earth and own.

I ask to reflect why today in Ukraine average ­­­ life expectancy of man`s part of the population - sixty two and a half years, and female - seventy five? Extent of destruction of forms in this state reached the highest limit. It is just that moment when Earth does not maintain tension of the created (developed) energy in a certain territory. Today there are already two such centers - it is the Crimea and the district of Chernobyl. In particular, motions of geological structures in depths of a subsoil of the specified regions will begin, and prerequisites to it are already put. It is not necessary to patch power units for one simple reason...

- What, the Father

- it is simple, the son, will be nothing to patch, and a bit later - there is nobody.

- But same it is terrible, Rikla. Really nothing can be made to stop this process?

- Difficult, very difficult, Avetin. It as a mine with a clockwork. And, the design to her person is unknown. The main complexity can be even not in it, and that the clockwork is already started. Wavy accumulation of energy in an earth subsoil with the accruing strengthening began.

- Rikla, so you are silent, you know and you are silent? The same crime before mankind!

- Avetin, it is simple how white day: nobody will believe me. I have no academic degrees and ranks, I am unknown; moreover, I suffer persecution a certain part of mankind. You know: “there is no prophet in the Fatherland“.

- I suspect, Rikla that you know much more, than you speak to me now.

- I cannot hide it from you, Avetin, is more. You in the knowledge of truth came so far what to stop you equivalently to death of a physical body.

- The father, I beg you!

- Well, the son, be attentive and give this energy to people of Earth.

The period May - November, 1999

Eurasia. Does not exist in a modern look. Earthquakes, razverzaniye, fiery lavas.

America. It is divided into two continents. Water, water, water and fire.

America, North. Fight of two demiurges, “white“ and “steel“.

Africa. The lower part does not exist - water.

Scandinavia. Ridge of islands.

European part of Russia. Xing - blue color - water. Split of a board, motion of plates. Connection of the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Baltic basins. Fire.

Western Siberia. Water.

Transbaikalia, the Far East, Hugo - East Asia, Kamchatka, Kuriles, Central Asia. Tectonic motions, earthquakes, fire, water.

Ukraine, Chernobyl. Fire, water. Dead ashes.

Earth shift on the Axis.

Water will begin to boil - will become foam.

The haze will fall - winds strong.

Hail of celestial bodies...

- You are silent, the son?

- I cannot and I do not want to speak, the Father.

- Listen further, Avetin.

... Fight of Gods with the Armageddon began for a long time. Today people, vysharkivayushchy knees and the floors of temples upholstering with foreheads, can be only surprising and compassion. Whom do they ask and about what? God?! So it not there! Those places where there lives God (besides Hearts human), today on Earth it is not enough, and there are they in places, for the person of remote. And what God needed to do if people, without seeing and without hearing God in the hearts of the, having followed the tastes of “the sick head“, began to force out God from all live, turning each other into bloody medley, and Earth in the smoking brands? So whom and about what to ask? People build temples in the centers of the capitals and just the cities that it was more convenient, i.e. is closer to God... ridiculously.

Truly praying are not there, and their prayer is valid God`s because goes from God to God through Hearts of praying; it is also Creativity where the person - the Creator. People for the known reason forgot to be molitvenna and meditativna (it somehow). It is possible to pray to God in the Temple and to open God in itself.

Christ`s birth in the Temple allowed Jesus to keep destruction of Earth for the millennia once, having specified people of the Way of creative Creativity. Seeing in himself God would not climb up in the head to live at the expense of something that it did not make, did not create. Every instant stay in a condition of a unification good luck is the unique life form in Space. Attempt to change this law is always self-damage. And the present mankind came in it very far.

Any religions, old or new, settled the energy. The following round, the following level is necessary for understanding of life forms on this planet. No, the son, the sermon not our destiny, it will not be. The point in time when it is possible to go to God in parallel, near it passed, without entering this stream - Light. There came the awakening time. Action time for those who are already awakened came and bears Light in the Hearts - Fire.

Today for this planet not just brightened up Hearts are significant, and those who can act in it. What mystics called space beyond an enlightenment came to the planet in all immensity and force today and a mountain stream directed to valleys of minds human. For someone it is death, and for someone - Creativity. Each person on this planet faces the choice: to be or not to be to the second Chernobyl; everything is under authority of mankind and the governments. The choice is in letting in Space Fire Hearts and to give birth to the Creator or to be the demolished this stream out of limits of aura of Earth.

Creativity of Fire differs from any other in the fact that on Fire there can be only Light. All another just burns down in it. Neither the sanctity, nor a sin matter more because in Creativity of Fire of these concepts just does not exist. There is no duality. And time Creativity of Fire has no duality, so there are no purposes and ways of their achievements. Fire does not accept a compromise: or everything, except Sveta of truth, burns down in the person, or this energy is absent just, it passed by. And if Sveta Istiny is absent, then to a stream of the Universe will be for what to hook on the person and to carry away flesh and his Spirit in an outer space. In this case the death is inevitable for flesh. And the Spirit of the person, depending on the gained potential, will become energy of Space, i.e., speaking to bible language, “to everyone will be rendered“. Those who continue to hope for God today commit suicide because there is no other God, besides, who lives in Heart of each person. Fire burns ego dungeons - mind, and God is shown in all his magnificence. But it is necessary to find forces to let in this Fire and to overcome pain. Will burn down a ryegrass for the sake of Life of Grains. To flounder in own powerlessness under weight of own passions and to look for religion or the Master capable to specify where an exit - it does not work at Earth any more. Freight of self-damage is too big; all patience ­ was exhausted and splashes too much, sweeping away for the sake of what - Life on the way.

Fire turn came to clear Hearts of people and aura of the planet of filth to leave on Earth only what does not burn, and keeps integrity on Space Fire - Light. This process was also called once by predictors and prophets “doomsday“. Yes, for someone is the end on Earth. To a greater or lesser extent the prevailing most of people of Earth is subject to a destruction virus. The smaller part of the people who are looking for Spirit is not capable to remove a civilization to Sveta from edge of death any more... But it is not the end and, especially, not a doomsday. On the contrary, is the beginning. Fire already switched on Light, burning out garbage in understanding of Earth, and the stream of Universal Wind carries away and develops ashes of big fires. Water will cool and will give to drink Earth by a bigger force, both there will ascend shoots, and the new race of people Fiery will arise. This stage of life included our planet and all real on it. It is not a penalty, but only a consequence behind which there is a new stage of Creativity of Space - its right to Create Life on Fire of the universal fire.

The chance, or an opportunity to become the Creator exists always, even now, at each person. Because the person is still living, in his Heart there lives God, it should open only a door and to go with it one road whatever it was. To release the God from a mind jungle, Fire is necessary right now. There is practically no terrestrial time left for searches of doors and a selection of keys.

- How, Father?

- Simply. I will answer you, the son as for many will seem strange. It is necessary to become Buddha, Christ, Krishna not less. It is necessary to release the God and to merge with him, having kept at the same time a form of the person. Now not presence of God in the person matters, and on the contrary - the person in God. Only the one who will manage to become God`s tool is still fated to be called an earthling and to continue the Way of the Creativity in this space of Space.

It will be those Grains, carriers of energiya of new race of the planet. Creativity of Fire is directed to Earth for this purpose and only for this purpose. Any compromises and, especially, manipulations with this Creativity are impossible. The person with a hypertrophied ego - mind is excluded initially. Here it is impossible to get neither for any benefits nor under any contracts and contracts, for any payment - everything will be burned on Fire. And only this way Grain can be born and give shoots to the person of a new evolutionary formation.

And now, Avetin, I will tell you in more detail that this such Creativity Ognya. Look - and you will see.

Grain, an essence of this Creativity, like reaction where emergence of one aspect generates following. This reaction is called “A unification in general earlier“, and on an example it looks so. Everything is simple: Creativity Ognya differs from all the rest in the fact that Fire generates only Fire that in total shows Light. It is the prime cause, absolute and only.

- Rikla, how it is possible for the person?

- To answer you in a word is not to answer absolutely. Look: Creativity Ognya proceeds only through the Master Ognya and nobody more. The master Ognya has with anything incomparable feature, and I will show you it now. Jesus was not Master Ognya though perfectly knew this Creativity.

- But how so? Unless its Way is not Light?

- There is Light. But it is one! It is light and complete, but it is lonely in it. Buddha is closer, but also is lonely. Mahomed is lonely. All of them are the lonely Stars burning in different points of space of Earth and Ways of its civilizations. Jesus would be the Master Ognya if near him the second Christ lit up, from it - the third, etc. The way, followers, pupils - all this Light, but its torch was lit only in one Heart. The unification of two, three torches giving energy of emergence of a new evolutionary stage, to emergence of new race did not take place. Christ`s energy began to fade with his withdrawal from Earth forms. As a matter of fact, it occurs every time when the Master leaves space of the life. A result - Christ`s religion. And what it means, you know, we will not repeat.

Today to be a Creator on Earth, it is not enough. Ways, doctrines, religions settle the potential; Creators of Ways Sveta on Earth are necessary. It is also Creativity Ognya about whom mystics and prophets spoke. Tens, hundreds Budd, Iisusov in one temporary space of Earth will light up Light. It happens to arrival Ognya to Earth which part is Rod Aiinov. No riklovets any more there will be anywhere - it is simply impossible. But in any ready Heart ignition Ognya Rikla is possible. Riklov there will be tens. And all of them are creators - Creators. The master Ognya only then becomes the Master when Ognya for ignition any other ready to burn Hearts is capable to give the burning Strength. Only in it Mission of the Master Ognya and in anything by the friend is concluded. I focus your attention, Avetin, that for Ognya there are no conventions human. To be hit Fire in Heart of the person, his society, religion, a karma and any other conventions except readiness of the person to merge together good luck inside and God outside, i.e. to show to Space Space does not matter. When it happens to the person, where it neither appeared and that it nor did, there will be Light Ognya everywhere.

- You see it, Avetin?

- Yes, Rikla.

- There now and nicely. And further, when you saw the main essence of Creativity Ognya, we will speak with you about some sides of Skill. I speak about “some“ because their great variety.

- Yes, Rikla, I am ready to listen to you infinitely. But I will patiently expect our next meeting. Accept my Gratitude and Blessing.

- Be blessed also you, the son, and to a meeting.