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Dina Rubina is the Russian writer?

the Senior generation of the readers who are still storing subscriptions of the Yunost magazine remember the short, but memorable Dina Rubina`s stories. For the young people who were born after socialism disorder, this name a little about what speaks. The Israeli writer, writes in Russian. And all.

But here Dina Rubina herself came to each house with the film novel “On Sunny Side of the Street“. The movie ended, and in soul there was a grief about the talents and unrealized opportunities lost by the country.

Of course, the movie, being collective works of directors, screenwriters, actors, changes idea of the novel, but of depth of talent of the writer it is possible to judge a little. With this novel she became the winner of the award “Big Book“ for 2007.

So who is she is Dina Rubina? From where she knows about life of the Soviet people? How it was succeeded to write out vital way and all details of life to the smallest details?

Dina Ilyinichna was born in 1953 in Tashkent in the Jewish family. The father is an artist, mother is a teacher of history. Lived as all Soviet families: in narrowness of communal flats and ideological framework.

The girl got fine music education, at first at school for exceptional children, then - in conservatory. Taught some time at Institute of culture, worked as the head of a litobjedineniye at the joint venture of Uzbekistan (1978 - 1984).

Began to write since the childhood. The first story “Uneasy Nature“ was published in the Yunost magazine. Small stories, plays, stories not only brought in the income in a family, but were already recognized by readers. The most successful play of that period “When will go snow?“ still goes on a stage of many theaters.

Dina Ilyinichna critically treated the movie “Our Grandson Works in Militia“ put according to her story “Tomorrow, as Usual“ in 1984. In general, she considers that its works badly give in to the screen version and statement in theaters.

Same year the writer moves to Moscow where she marries. Her husband is an artist. Around a family the wide range of communication - writers of all colors, actors, artists and other creative lyud is created. She works hard: writes prose, prepares dramatized programmes, carries out literary soirees with youth.

The ninetieth years brought to the country of change. Behind rough events in life of the people somehow did not notice departure to Israel of Dina Rubinnoy. It worked as the literary editor in the annex to the Russian-language newspaper “Nasha Strana“ at the new homeland.

Dina Ilyinichna came back to us new works. She considers herself not as the Russian, but the Russian writer who absorbed powerful Russian cultural layer.

One of the most talented works is the novel about Tashkent and its inhabitants - “On sunny side of the street“.

Now negotiations on the screen version of its new trilogy consisting of separate novels are conducted: “Leonardo`s handwriting“, “White pigeon of Cordoba“ and “Parsley Syndrome“.

In spite of the fact that not everything written by Dina Rubina highly appreciates part of reader`s audience, acquaintance to her creativity is always pleasant.