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Treachery. Where the Russian Navy “departured“?

What to consider as treachery? What moves the people who came over to the side of the enemy or made other actions which are treachery in fact? I do not want to consider treachery in household aspect: borrowed money and threw the creditor, the wife fooled around or on the contrary - it will remain beyond the scope of this article. I - about TREACHERY by capital letters.

Dictionaries treat it as “fidelity violation to someone or non-execution of a debt to something“. It is condemned by all religions of the world as a sin or violation of a taboo and condemned morally - moral laws of any society, irrespective of degree and a level of development. In Christian culture close to us a symbol of it is Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ. Punishment for this act - always the most cruel of possible this or that society.

At all times treachery of interests of the country and the people was the highest and worst form of treachery. It is clear why, and it is easily explainable. But here that to me it is absolutely unclear, it - what moves the traitor? Though, perhaps, I am ready to understand some motives, for example the intelligence agent from inhuman tortures gives a weak point and hands over to enemies all the contacts. Or the son of illegally repressed, having got access to any classified documents, copies them and for ideological reasons hands to a foreign intelligence service. It is awful, but it, at least, is at least clear.

But here that moves the traitor sitting in a warm leather chair of the large state official to me resolutely is not clear. He was tortured? No. It has ideological motives? Too not, differently it just would not climb so highly an office ladder. It was bought? And without it high state posts quickly enough do officials by dollar millionaires and billionaires. So moves this person? Resolutely I do not understand!

What is created now after collapse of the USSR, differently as treachery of the country and the people it is impossible to call. In any way. Only I will ask not to confuse to the state because the state, the country and the people - things an essence different and raznourovnevy. The people are primary, the country where these people as the prevailing ethnos live, is secondary, and the state is only an imperious and political superstructure over that and another. And so, I speak about treachery of the people and the country now. The USSR the most very much was not pleasant to me, but this mine “I do not want“ and “I do not love“ to mentioned below has no relation - I only try to be objective and, despite storming emotions, to call things by their proper names.

I will begin with education . I, there was a business, with boredom and a depression of awkward age in higher education institution taught. Not for long. And so, I somehow to second-year students set a question: why supposedly in military campaign of Napoleon against Russia the aircraft was not applied? From 18 people of attendees only 6 (!) answered that there were no planes then still. The others 12 wrote about terrible frosts, about lack of infrastructure and normal airfield service, about shortage of fuel and other nonsense. The most original, in sense of idiocy, was the version saying that Napoleon at that time still aboard the plane Wright did not buy the patent from brothers. There is a statistics, small, however, but bright. Thinking at first that it was so not lucky me with students, I talked over with many teachers subsequently and was convinced that it in general is characteristic of modern education.

And, I ask to notice, in respect of sharpness the students who are not knowing a subject proved to be perfectly well - I even itself would not guess some theses so with an intellectual potential and “soobrazhalka“ everything is good. So occurred? I studied at school too, what is created now - same horror was a mediocre pupil and the pupil who not is the most disciplined, but! Who at us in the country is responsible for education? Than this person and this department are busy? To artificially lower so a level of the general erudition of the average young Russian - the same crime! Or qualitatively executed act of terrorism that in fact changes nothing.

About modern Russian medicine I will even tell nothing - I am afraid, my civil lexicon will not be enough and I will be forced to pass to an offensive language.

I will dwell upon the military reform walking with great strides over the country . More precisely, not on everything, but only regarding Voyenno - Navy.

There is such army saying - an introduction: “Russia has only two allies: Army and Voyenno - Navy!“. Nobody challenges her fidelity as all history of the State Russian is confirmation to it. And so, at the moment it is possible to claim that Russia has any more no allies because what is already made deliberate actions of some traitors, differently as elimination of army and fleet it is impossible to call.

In one war or any campaign Russia did not suffer such enormous loss, as in our “peace“ time. I will give dry figures of statistics.

For Russko - the Japanese war of 1904 - 1905 died in battle, were flooded or captured by Japanese of 69 ships and vessels of the Russian fleet.

For World War I of 1914 - 1917 were killed in battle or 54 ships and vessels sank from the received fighting injuries.

during revolution and Civil war of 1917 - 1922 are taken, flooded, burned down, 172 ships and vessels are interned, blown up.

during World War II of 1941 - 1945 are taken, flooded, sunk, burned down, 365 ships and vessels of the Soviet fleet are blown up.

Total, for the whole century of wars, fights, peripetias of civil war and distemper the country lost all of 660 fighting ships . Non-believers can recheck this information.

And now attention! Only for 1991 - 1997 without submarines and auxiliary watercrafts it is utilized, flooded, sawn on scrap metal and destroyed by other ways of 629 fighting ships and vessels of the Russian fleet. From them 225 ships of the first and second rank, that is the main shock power of domestic fleet. Taking into account the destroyed submarines (including. and nuclear submarines), the ships which are formally not entering into the Navy (for example, patrol boundary vessels), mother ships and other the figure of real losses of Voyenno - Navy of Russia makes more than 800 units ! And this process continues to this day.

That is defense capability of the country the blow more essential, than for all wars of last century combined is struck! The Russian seamen throughout all history of the Russian Voyenno - Navy repeatedly showed that they are able to win any surpassing by the number and quality of equipment of the enemy against. And they hopelessly lost fight with the traitors who got into own command and the management.

And this is not about write-off of outdated or irrelevant arms in the main weight at all. No, we now not speak about the cruiser “Aurora“. Those who approve it from high stands or in the press, unscrupulously lie as the fighting ships are calculated on tens - the decades and which are written off, barbarous destroyed or the vessels sold abroad in the majority did not serve also a third calculated by the producer and engineers of term. Though, certainly, among them there was also “scrap metal“, the departing resource in the USSR, but its share is insignificant. Further, and any understanding expert - the ship builder can confirm it, the fighting ships and submarines have blochno - a modular design of compartments and all systems that provides a possibility of modernization and an upgrade of all knots throughout all service life of the vessel. And even already ships which actually served the term in hands of the zealous owner always find for themselves application.

And, I ask to notice, all this destroyed power was under construction work, by the own sweat and blood our fathers and mothers, and in terms of money cost trillions of dollars. For example, in 2004 the list from 44 sold ships was published in the Versiya newspaper. Including 6 patrol ships, 5 destroyers, 9 big anti-submarine ships, 3 cruisers, 3 heavy aircraft carrying cruisers, 9 landing and reconnaissance ships and 9 mother ships, plavmastersky and measuring ships. As you can see is the whole efficient fleet capable to become a shock sea fist of any sea state. Libya which is nowadays at war with NATO can only dream of it.

And the price at which all this wealth left made less than 30 million dollars. For reference use: the cost of construction of one destroyer makes nearly a third of one billion dollars! What is exactly ten times more, than the budget received from sale of all this armada. That is, except treachery, still tails and purely financial crime stick out here.

In the present time to us offer as taxpayers “to participate“ in purchase from French of the landing ships “Mistral“ in full fighting and navigation execution. What is doubtful as from the economic point of view, in the presence of idle ship-building shipyards, and from the point of view of safety. We do not forget that France - the country - the participant of NATO, and the fact that by means of modern satellite systems it is possible to watch secretly and is even illegitimate to operate equipment, even first graders know.

That is Russia entrusted production of arms for itself and for the money to the country of a military alliance of the probable opponent. Nonsense. Or treachery.