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Facing by a ceramic tile. You never did it earlier? If you the fan of repair also decided to begin

with the hands with laying of a tile in a toilet or a bathroom, but you have no experience in such type of work, then this article can be for you useful.

For a start it is a little about technology of laying. The surface on which the tile will keep within has to be well cleared and ideally equal. Check a tile - it has to be pure and without cracks too. Prepare glue mix, accurately following recommendations of the producer. Use the mix which is specially intended for your type of a ceramic tile. Further at an angle 40-60 degrees are applied glue 2-5 mm thick by means of the pallet whose size needs to be picked up depending on tile size on a tile. That seams between tiles were identical, special crosses are applied.

It would seem, everything is simple. But during work you can meet difficulties. Therefore we will talk about “rake“ on which there can step the beginning tiler.

So to begin to study better on a floor - there it is simpler to put a tile though there are enough nuances too. At first estimate as at you the tile will settle down and in what places it should be put not whole, but cut. Unfortunately not to do without it. Clear business, is better to arrange a tile so that cut pieces were in some not really foreground: for example, under a bathroom. Respectively, to put it is necessary to begin with the whole tile, it is desirable from the center, gradually moving ahead to the opposite sides where there will be cut pieces. When you reach the place “under a bathroom“, on the course of work you will cut.

Now draw ideally flat line on which you will put the first row of a tile. On it it is better to spend more time, but to make it to really parallel wall. The deviation is allowed on one millimeter. It will not be visually noticeable, but through couple of rows there can be problems …

When will paste the first tile, level it on level. Again - the deviation in couple of millimeters from a horizontal for an eye will be visible not, but for several rows it can deviate so strongly that you should glue it on a layer gluing thickness in two fingers. When you paste the first row, give it days to dry. Otherwise, moving the second row of a tile, you easily displace the first from that flat line which was so diligently drawn.

Surely you watch that edges at the next tiles were at one level and there were no steps. If very high step turns out, then you can even jump on this tile - nothing happens to it. And here it is better to refrain from use of the special rubber hammer. The tile can burst.

You watch that the layer of glue mix did not increase from a row to a row. Otherwise the tile will be filled up and there will be difficulties with equal joints in corners. When you reach an opposite wall and you will begin to put a cut tile, do not forget that it has to lie cut edge to a wall.

The principle of laying of a tile on a wall same. But here it is important to think over as you will scatter all undercutting on corners. If in a corner there is an undercutting, then always at first the cut tile by cut edge to a wall is put, and then this ugly cut edge is closed by the whole tile which is glued in the same corner on other wall. In corners always put tiles on both walls at once. Until they dried, you will be able to move them and to level seams. And then from them put further on a wall.

Also do not do glue too liquid - the tile “will spontaneously float“. If noticed that the tile lays down crookedly - safely remove it, anew smear with glue solution and glue again. The wall tile without problems is cut by the glass-cutter, and here with sexual the situation is different. You need the Bulgarian or plitkorez.

In general, all this problems which you can face. Work is actually simple, especially if you are famous for the “gold“ hands. The main thing - not to hurry and to approach business creatively.

Progress to you in development of new business and a cosiness in the house!