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How to explain to the child what is language? From where language

With children undertook it is necessary to speak. About everything. Even about what will have to teach at school to. I remember that I learned about a cellular structure of live organisms from the father at six-year age when we with it in mountains considered the dismissed snowdrops. The encyclopedias published now, certainly, help. But I never met a simple explanation what is language and from where it undertook. And it is interesting!

I want to offer you a series of stories about language which wrote for own grandsons, pupils of elementary school...

Hi, friend! And what you not in mood? Again three? And for what? It is clear: tortured this Russian - one rules.

And when you play some game - there are rules too? I understand that that is another matter that there and rules clear, and it is interesting, but if you do not know rules, you will not be able to play. I am right?

Let me try to explain to you from where these rules undertook and why they are necessary. Only it is necessary to begin from the very beginning...

Any living being cannot live in itself.

Wolves live in pack. The pack is several wolf families which together hunt. Lions live prides. The pride is a father a lion, several lionesses and cubs. Deer and wild goats gather in herd . It helps them to be protected from predators.

The person - too an animal because he lives Only animal special. Scientists consider that there is a lot of - many years ago the person from a monkey began to turn into the person reasonable . As is a long history, and it lasted millions of years. The homo sapiens lives not in itself, and in obshch an estvo. That obshch to atsya, the person needed language. And it at the homo sapiens appeared. Scientists still definitely do not know how it occurred, but know why: it is all about collaboration, in joint activity (from the word to do).

Here imagine that you are a primitive person. You live in a cave with parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles (it is your sort.) And all hungry.

You are a hunter. You are stolen on the wood, looking out for production. And suddenly on a clearing you see a mammoth. This is such ancient elephant with huge tusks. And so, you see a mammoth with the broken leg. It is possible to feed with meat of this mammoth all your relatives and not once. But it so big that to you to one not to raise even one his leg. What to do? It is necessary to bring on help of relatives.

(Compare: WITH - relatives, WITH - brothers, WITH - graders, WITH - cedi. WITH means together).

But that to give them, it is necessary to tell what is (who?) mammoth. What it (what?) very big. What there is it (where?) on a clearing, in the wood, it is far from a cave. What is necessary (what with it to make?) to lift and drag. And well - try to explain all this if you have no words.

And you, and your relatives many times saw a mammoth, ate his meat, wound legs with pieces of his skin, were protected by its tusks from predators. But that your fellows understood what there is a speech about, it is necessary to designate a mammoth somehow. Perhaps, to sound as a mammoth, maybe, to potopat as he stamps. The main thing that understood that it is not about a saber-toothed tiger, not about a deer, namely about a mammoth. The most difficult - to achieve understanding for the first time.

Your relatives at last understood what you want from them, seized sticks and rushed off behind production. Saw a mammoth (Ma! Mo! - so it blows, the T - T - T - so it stamps), dragged it in a cave, skinned, cut on pieces, at last, ate. Hurrah! All are full and happy. But in a week the food came to an end. It is necessary to go shooting. Whom we hunt? On MOTHERS it is T and!

Be continued.