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Teapot in the Emirates. What to count in Dubai on?

After the choice of travel agency and suitable hotel we continue to get acquainted with features of travel to the Emirates...

Question fourth: what you can count in Dubai on?

In - the first, on the fact that you will not remain hungry. In each hotel at least two times food. In the morning and during the lunchtime - a buffet.

The class of hotel is higher, the choice of dishes is more. You pour the first to yourself in amusing cups with two handles. Tea or coffee to you will be poured by waiters. With milk or without as you will tell, - it they in Russian understand. It is possible to have supper in the hotel for an additional fee. But is more interesting and more exotic at small small restaurants.

What surely it is worth trying, it is dzhus , or juice. Something like the shaken-up cocktail from fresh fruit with pulp which will be made on your eyes. It is possible from pineapple, it is possible from apples, mango, papayas is possible from orange, strawberry. And it is possible - assembly, multi-color. This three hundred-gram pleasure costs 5 dirhams. Expensively, but taste amazing. Such snack bar where give dzhus, is practically near each hotel.

In - the second, you can count on the sea. In the morning from hotel rather comfortable bus will bring you to the beach. There are beaches paid - to five dirhams as, for example, Dzhumeyra. However, on Thursday and on Friday, on the weekend, men do not have an entrance there: these days only women bathe there. This only place where local residents remove from themselves a black attire - black stockings, gloves and the headdress leaving opened only eyes.

The free beach on which tourists from Russia and other Post-Soviet republics prefer to have a rest is called Marina - a scourge. It is the big sandy bay limited from two parties to stone piers. On all beach, meters in fifty from water, date palm trees are planted. They as early as small, no more than 4 years, and shadows almost do not give. But under them on towels tourists settle.

As in all civilized countries, on the beach there are plastic chaise lounges, with umbrellas. But you do not hurry to occupy them, a payment for everyone - 10 dirhams. And if your money does not appear, not absolutely conveniently will get over on sand under indulgently - the understanding views of people around.

What pleases - it is lack of flies and mosquitoes, and also lack of complexes both at the former Soviet people, and at newcomers from foreign countries. No matter, how there is a lot of at you extra kilos and as far as your figure is far from an ideal. It is the beach, and a swimwear - the only clothes beseeming here. But in these clothes it is not recommended to go beyond its limits not just, and it is strictly forbidden what at an entrance inscriptions, by the way, and in Russian warn about.

What afflicts - it is quantity of stubs in sand though special ballot boxes are rather often placed. If you do not see either a uniform piece of paper, or an empty bottle anywhere - indispensable attributes of our beaches, then ceased to fight against a habit of our tourists to put stubs in sand, apparently, already.

On the beach mainly Russian speech sounds. Such feeling that the meeting place cannot be changed: from where and on whatever affairs there arrived a person, he spends morning on the beach.

A marine - the scourge to our measures is equipped just cool: it is possible to change clothes in the building of a toilet, spacious and very pure. And the main charm - open shower cabins with warm fresh water in which it is possible to wash away from itself salt. If not to make it, the drying skin becomes covered by white stains. I recommend to take with myself on the beach a bottle with drinking water: bitterly - salty sea water so burns a throat that, having taken it inadvertently, you will feel immediate need for something less sharp.

Water from - under the crane is not drunk there. It from a desalter, with any antibacterial additives. Drinking water in plastic bottles is delivered from mountain sources, and the liter costs as much how many gasoline liter.

By the way, in the refrigerator, you will surely find a plastic bottle with water and when it comes to an end in a hotel room - it will be replaced new.

One more pleasant surprise - you can not be afraid of theft.

Laws in this country such that for the slightest fault of the foreigner send from it in very short terms, and without the right of repeated entrance. And if to consider that pay for work decently and in the surrounding countries there - poverty, then punishment this very serious. But nevertheless it is more convenient to leave money in hotel: the reception (or the hotel administrator) will seal them in a company envelope and will hand you the receipt. His question how many there money, it is not connected with fiscal intentions. The large sums, jewelry are stored in the safe, small - in a table behind a rack.

Question fifth: what waits for you in hotel?

the Main figure in hotel - a reception (we will call quite so the administrator). He has to solve all problems which you face. Most often the reception, as well as other personnel in hotel, is from India.

In English all speak. In small hotels the reception in Russian understands and speaks a little. If the problem is higher than its understanding - calls in the accepting firm. By numerous transfer of the receiver from hand to hand you have an opportunity a question to solve.

If you get lost, show a card of your hotel which will be surely handed to you by your reception at installation, to the passerby inspiring trust. It will show the direction to you. If very much were tired, thrust it under nose to the taxi driver.

- a gentlemen`s set of the traveler - it is not necessary to worry about soap, shampoo, towels: all this to you will be provided in hotel. Until you are on the beach, the room will be cleaned, will replace bed linen and everything that it is necessary. Also will not touch anything from your things. Few times the coin at me was rolled up in one dirham for a bed - upon return I steadily found it on a bedside table.

In number it will be obligatory the conditioner, old models have no panel, but on the case there is a rychazhok switching the direction of air. Blew off me from a bed, the skilled neigbour did not appear yet.

At a door in a bathroom - several switches. One of them turns on the light, another - ventilation in a bathroom. So far reached me that it is possible to dry a bathing suit and in it, I decorated with it the window.

The third switch, with the red button, turns on the water heater as there is no centralized giving it in Dubai. It lifts temperature very quickly. You will forget to switch off in time - you risk to scald boiled water.

The problem with tip was one of painful problems. Tip should be given for special services. If, for example, in number deliver you food or will wash and will stroke things. I did not manage to find out whether it is necessary to tip for the brought iron and, the most important, how many. Try to find out.

Question sixth: what should you not do?

As you arrived not to sit in hotel, we will return to the main thing - to the sea. What precisely you should not do - so to burn it.

The tourists who seized in the middle of winter upon the sun and the sea burn in the first day, having lain down on the beach of all some hour or so. And then cause compassion skin of color of the boiled crayfish and the bent smiles.

You will arrive to Dubai at night and will hardly manage to buy necessary cream before you are sent to the beach. Therefore and from suntan it is better to stock up with suntan preparations in advance. It is not necessary to lose trifles the whole day from - for such.

By the way, keep in mind: the bus goes to the beach and back precisely according to the schedule. It is told in nine, means in nine. Having gone down one minute later, you risk on the beach this day not to get. The taxi costs much. To Marin - a scourge - dirhams 15, about about four dollars.

If you missed the bus in the opposite direction, on the beach, you have an opportunity to leave on transport of the next hotel - its name is written on the bus panel. Only you keep more surely, and explain nothing to nobody. All the same the driver in Russian does not speak, and lodgers in hotels change every day.

Be continued.