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How to bake “imperishable“ cake? Whether

are Known by you what is imperishable pie? Here Pushkin knew.

In “Eugene Onegin“ there is a description of a feast of gourmets of St. Petersburg. “Before it the roast beef blood-stained and tryufl - luxury of young years, French cuisine the best color, and Strasbourg pie imperishable between live Limburger cheese and pineapple gold...“ Limburger cheese I did not decide to try

- is painfully unappetizing, and pie the poet calls imperishable as that was brought to St. Petersburg from the Strasbourg, and during the road did not harden. What it represents, I do not know. By hearsay, something with meat.

And here a secret of other, not Strasbourg imperishable cake if you want, I will share. Only in our family it called birthday.

To birthday (and I studied for 2 thousand kilometers from native Penates) I always received from mother a parcel with a box from - under candies into which this cake was packed. Mail then worked unlike better, than now, but there was a parcel not less than a week. And it did not spoil and could keep all the qualities and month, and two. However, only theoretically - it was eaten instantly. Never for years of obshchezhitsky life I managed to keep it at least till an evening feast. But it is not important. The main thing, it was the gift ! Hi from a home. Symbol of mother`s love and care.

Mother of secret did not do of the recipe, but whoever tried to realize it, came to grief.

There is no mother for a long time, but there was a notebook in brown calico cover which is used up by native handwriting. In it a set of recipes with a dung - secrets; among them and the recipe of birthday cake. By family tradition I how was tired in a day, bake it on the eve of birthdays of my relatives. Here only for me it is there been nobody to be baked more... But is not necessary about sad.

Better in memory of mother I will share with you secrets.

So, recipe .

- 2 glasses of sugar;

- 2-2,5 glasses of flour;

- 2 eggs;

- 50 g of butter + 50 g of creamy margarine;

- 1/2 teaspoon of soda;

- 350 gr dried apricots;

- 1 big lemon.

Wrote down? Now as its furnace .

At first (it is the first secret) we will prepare a stuffing. We will overwind the steamed-out dried apricots and a lemon with a peel on the meat grinder and we will add a glass to sugar. Ready weight should be divided into three parts.

Farther turn of the test: oil is pounded to a creamy state, eggs get off with the remained sugar, everything mixes up; soda is extinguished by lemon juice. Then we add flour - how many will take (it is a secret of the second) that soft dough turned out. We will divide it into three parts too.

On the cold greased leaf finger-tips rasshlepay a piece of the test evenly and thinly, as soon as perhaps (somewhere to 0,5 cm). To roll on a table with a rolling pin and do not try: you will not manage to transfer to a leaf (it is a secret the third).

We bake in a heated oven till pink color. It minutes 10-15. And then the ready cake layer is removed at sight on a wooden chopping board and at once, hot (a secret the fourth), we grease with a stuffing (1/3), leveling by means of a knife (fifth). From edges it is necessary to leave on centimeter (sixth).

From above we stack the second and third cake layers, at once greasing with a stuffing. We cut the edges also dry pounded scraps the top cake layer is strewed.

In 8 hours cake will become soft, and it is possible to give on a table. Or to cut off it to give the form of a box if you are going to send. Happy birthday!

And if you tell that it is bad, I as professor Preobrazhensky spoke, will challenge you to a duel!