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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 9 - 10? “Melancholy“, etc.

the First month of summer, as always, flew by promptly and imperceptibly. In line July and a new portion of the expected film premieres, seven of which will be issued this week. In the list of the beginners of hire who wormed way into rather quiet period between prime ministers of third “Transformers“ and last “Harry Potter“, three American comedies, the new movie of Lars von Trier, two thrillers of production of the USA and Canada, and also a three-dimensional sensuality straight from Hong Kong. And now is more detailed:

1. “Very bad teacher“ (Bad Teacher, 2011)

Cameron Diaz in the 38 is not tired to play the marriageable girl that does not prevent movies with her participation to be beaten out in leaders of film distribution without special problems. Here and now the new comedy with Kami (Diaz`s nickname in the homeland) successfully stays in the first three boxing - office of America, clearly demonstrating unwillingness of the actress to train for a new profession for roles of mummies.

On a plot the main character - the glamourous maiden with bad manners who was kicked by the rich dad. Life cracked, and Elisabeth is forced to earn independently a living, working as the teacher at high school. This “the bad teacher“ is anxious with education problems least of all. She is concerned more by the size of own bust and the nice teacher from a rich family as whom, on a twist of fate, Justin Timberlake is noticed the former fight - the friend of the actress.

The comedy with purely adult rating of R abounds with abusive expressions which in dubbing-in, by itself, will be brightened up, and also numerous outbursts towards sex.

2. “Mr. Popper`s penguins“ (Mr. Popper’s Penguins, 2011)

After three years of absence in a shot (a postscoring of animated films and digitization in “Christmas history“ of Zemeckis we will not consider), Jim Carrey decided to return on the screen in a genre of the family comedy, habitual for, again. This time in a tandem with the director Mark S. Waters, the author of very quite good comedies “Head Over Heels“, “Mad Friday“ and “Ghosts of the Former Girlfriends“. Six penguins whom the main character received by mail from the polar researcher will become workmates of Kerry in the screen version of the classical children`s book ….

This story was invented by the American writers Richard and Florence Etuoterami in far 1938, but in a picture of 2011 it will be a question of nowadays. Jim Carrey as the tamer of penguins who did not begin to be sounded, thank God, in peak to any “chipmunks“ and the other speaking small animals. Help Carrey with this hard business of the actress of Karl Gudzhino (“Children of spies“) and famous Angela Lensberi, she is Jessica Fletcher from series “She Wrote Murder“.

3. “Melancholy“ (Melancholia, 2011)

Each new movie of Dane Lars von Trier is an or enthusiastic peep of critics, or scandal, and everything is more often together and at once. For the first time in the rough film career the director decided to undertake fantastic subject (the speech in a picture goes about an inevitable Doomsday), but, as usual, in the unique style. Therefore and - la Gollivud on sessions of “Melancholy“ it will be simply boring for fans of traditional approach because a fantasy in a tape - only a substrate for habitual game of characters, a reason for digging in human fears and hopes.

At a premiere of “Melancholy“ in Cannes the director surpassed itself most, having blurted out journalists superfluous in this connection noisy scandal ran high. It affected rolling destiny of the movie a little. As well as other tapes of the master, “Melancholy“ for the producers of joyful messages will not bring. But Trier`s background because there is an opinion that its latest work - one of the most “beautiful“ movies of 2011, along with the last project of Terence Malik “A life tree“ which bypassed “Melancholy“ in fight for “Golden Palm“ of Cannes will please fans of viscous European dramas and admirers of visual style.

4. “Prada and feelings“ (From Prada to Nada, 2011)

What will turn out if to take the classical female novel of Jane Austen “Sense and Sensibility“ and to transfer its action to modern Los - Andzheles? Correctly, the devil - those as sideways a bow will turn out. To me the comedy of the director Angel Grazia who, besides, to the full hammered a tape ispano - the speaking actors is submitted such, having turned all the known history in typical Latin American a mylets.

Two glamourous maidens, Nora and Mary, after death of the rich daddy are forced to say goodbye to a habitual way of life and to begin to earn independently on a daily bread. By itself that “deprivations“ will open for them eyes on the real situation, they will grow up over themselves and will find the female happiness in interiors alien to them.

5. “Sex and the Zen 3D“ (3 - D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, 2011)

three-dimensional technologies began to push

After success of “Avatar“ everywhere. Pornographers too in vain did not waste time, with success riveting the first 3D - the pornofilms which are allegedly allowing the viewer to plunge nearly into process. However, “Sex and the Zen“ are, of course, just erotic exercise, besides “The sex and a zen which is official continuation of the known tape of 1991: A carpet for corporal prayers“.

A sensuality in 3D? You do not hurry to see because, in fact, there is nothing essentially new in a picture of gonkongovsky film figures. The bulk of special effects is necessary not on beautiful, almost faultless, bodies of Asian models (which, by the way, for us, white men, all as like as two peas), and on various visual excesses without which the erotic melodrama could do quite. It is possible to look at this “miracle“ only for the sake of esthetic pleasure. The project, by itself, is focused mainly on man`s audience. About a plot I will hold back, not behind it acted.

6. “Twins are murderers“ (Seconds Apart, 2010)

Those who are familiar with the well-known Canadian film series of “Skannera“ or the thriller “Generating Fire“ on Stephen King`s story, know that telekinesis - piece dangerous. Especially in hands, more precisely, the heads of people with maniacal habits and bad heart. The idea about twins - murderers is original, but is embodied by no means not skillfully. An hour and a half screen time the viewer should watch colourful atrocities while the intrigue and a suspense nervously smoke aside. It is removed beautifully, but without soul, without inspiration as if authors hurried to realize idea, and haste, as they say, is good absolutely under other circumstances.

In addition to the above-stated debutants in limited hire there will be Italo - the Canadian thriller “Lot“ (Die, 2009) showing extremely unpretentious and ordinary clone of well-known “Saw“.

Thus, the most part of novelties of a present film week is focused on youth and men who traditionally like vulgar comedies, a sensuality and zhutik. The only “light“ spot is the family comedy with Jim Carrey which, undoubtedly, will become one of leaders of the Russian hire in the absence of thematic competitors. Only bad weather while little will prevent total superiority of the second part “Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows“ which starts literally in a week will be able to promote a high box office of movie theaters in these days off.