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Whom to be? Five most nonfeminine professions of

Having decided to write material about the most female professions, I became puzzled. How now it is possible to carry out to an era of a unisex though some sexual borders?! It was necessary to reflect, to puzzle others, and the gloomy still life from the tutor and the nurse in kindergarten, stewardesses, manicurists / pedicurists, accountants and mothers as a result turned out.

I would depart to space, let I will be taught …

Though why to us such extremes? I know that in Japan work of the tutor in kindergarten is considered one of the most prestigious, and professionals of the business bring up kids there.

What situation in Russia? Two years in normal school - also you are a trainer of children`s team from 1,5 to 7 years, and you are helped with it by the graduates of schools who overstayed in life of the housewife or retired, chopped off the on production of the worker - at a position the nurse. I do not argue, their work necessary and significant, whether but your it?

Let`s not assimilate to adherents of traditions “to men - man`s, and to women - female“ and we will begin to build career of the financier, judge, chief architect, scientist or programmer.

Economy has to be economical

If your motto “Money Love the Account“, and you are in charge of housekeeping strictly under the budget made in due form for month, quarter and year, then it is possible to tell that you are a practical and economical hostess. If you lend only under percent and never borrow money at friends, then you live by the principle “friendship and money is incompatible“. And if you speculate on the Stock Exchange, jumps, in the football totalizator and are a shareholder of several enterprises at once, then you have inclinations of the stockbroker.

And if your reference book - “Economic reforms and hierarchical structures“ which author is your favourite politician of all times and the people the economist - the reformer Egor Gaidar then career of the financier waits for you, be you a celebutante from St. Petersburg or the girl - the provincial from Volgograd.

Within the law

If you talk only in language of the law and is always ready to control disputes and a bet of friends if you put on in black and keep under a pillow a hammer, and on a bedside table at a bed - the criminal code, then you have obviously a tendency to justice. You are unshakable in decision-making, and feelings will never get the best of reason. About your tranquility and backbone legends go, you are able to see the main thing in a small group of “dirty linen“ and to give irrefragable answers on any question.

Do not listen to councils of the family and friends who persuade you to treat them on landscaping fashionable today. Safely go on legal to a service to madam Cleo and recite the oath to a law letter, but remember that the way to judicial tops is thorny and full of reefs.

At the bottom of dream

If your favourite objects at school were drawing and the fine arts, then can, you should connect the life with creation of fine? For example, you are a good portraitist or a morist, you write and read drawings, and in the childhood instead of “daughters are mothers“ you were fond of designers of LEGO and built sand, cement and pebble castles. You like glass skyscrapers and huts on chicken legs, you prefer baroque, but have nothing against a gothic style of the 15th century. At a leisure you spread stained-glass windows and sculptural groups on a panel.

You know by heart the biography of “the architect of death“ Nodar Kancheli and dream to create the house, park, the quarter, the whole city where there will be dome-shaped houses and circular arches, columns collected in a bunch, windows - roses, spacious court yard with violently blossoming beds - dream from mixture of styles, characters, persons.

Such outstanding “artists“ are waited by architectural and design faculties of any institute. Do not stop on local projects, such as - to change own room or to decorate the assembly hall by a holiday. Take a task more difficult, difficulties give rise to perfection!

the Diagnosis - the programmer

If since recent time your outside world was narrowed by

to borders of the room or even to table borders with the newest brand of the computer, and you lead in the Network life that is much richer, than in the real stuffy world, so you spilled out interest in the world of the computer equipment. If you already again send to the annoying ex-boyfriend to soap the computer virus developed by you and crack a code on its bank account, so you have abilities in the field of high technologies. And if in real-life communication you speak only languages C ++, PHP, Python, Delphi, means you is a born programmer, and it is, as we know, not a profession, but the diagnosis.

Newtonian apple

You think of opening in a molecular structure of atom, of prevention of an allergy at jerboas, global warming and behavior of Dolly the sheep at cloning day and night, read and speak only about it with passion of the player and enthusiasm of the child. You set before yourself the purpose - small or big - and go to it with methodicalness and care of the sapper. You think out hundred hypotheses per day and right there disprove them as the doubting bride at night before a wedding. You use up the mountain of paper artifacts and the facts of already world renowned discoveries and with regret burn them as the Master in the fireplace.

But you are not upset, and with persistence of the accountant who lost kopek in annual balance intuitively look for an exit from a labyrinth of ideas. And generally, the scientist is not a profession and not a position, this calling, a state of mind.

Therefore you can be the financier, the programmer, the judge and even simply mother that will not prevent to make to you some ingenious discovery, for example, in the field of education of generation of next at all.