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What the finest in the man?

How many there is a mankind, do not cease disputes on criteria of the choice so much.

Why that is both lovely, and nice, and talented, and is lonely? And this - well it is terrible to look! - and from women there is no release, and run after? What it is found by women in it and do not find in that? What line in the man the most attractive to ladies?

Many (and not only men) consider that they the most attractive are sexual abilities. Here if they at height - then yes, then women begin to run together as moths to a lamp. Not without reason so many jokes are devoted to this subject: “One little man wanted to increase …“

It is reflection of a popular belief. Not simply so wanted to increase, and dreamed to become the most attractive.

But it is characteristic: still any man even with the most outstanding sexual abilities did not manage to hold near himself any woman, using for this purpose only these abilities.

Opposite opinion: women are attracted by soul. Gentle, pure, transparent … Here it is only strange: mostly this gentle, pure and transparent remain bachelors. And - by no means against the will. They are left by brides and wives, familiar women perceive them at best as one more girlfriend, just with some physiological features.

Still option: external data. It yes, it attracts. But here again the same problem, as with sexual abilities: that does not help to hold-. It turns out, as appearance - not the finest line in the man. Not it attracts women. And if attracts, then only because it is represented reflection of some other, really attractive line. And if it is not found - the woman leaves even if the man is beauty standard.

Recently especially the opinion extended that the finest line of the man is his status. Purse. Existence of bonuses in the form of “the apartment - the car - giving - a country house on Canary Islands - yachts in Genoa“. And already the man at which not that yachts, there is even no inflatable boat, clutch at the head with shouts: women are pragmatic, they are styazhatelnitsa, they are anxious only with money! Also are ready to pursue this unfortunate yacht if only to get desired fine line - the status and a purse. And do not think at all that from the status, of course, the fur coat can be sewed, here it will only be unimportant to heat it.

But Terrible Female Secret that at all not the purse and not the yacht, not sexual abilities and not the grace both transparency of soul, and even not external data is represented to the most attractive and beautiful women in men.

The finest and attractive line in the man: readiness and an opportunity (ability) to preserve the woman against all struggles of life, readiness and an opportunity (ability) to carry it on hands (it is also not obligatory literally at all).

Having found similar line in the man, the woman will be ready to do anything to receive this man in the property, it will give everything for the sake of him, everything will make. She it on hands will carry also motes from it to blow off.

And, by the way, for this reason the status of the man is so attractive to a certain category of women. Or, if you want, its purse. The status and a purse mean - the Opportunity! And the voluble tongue declares Readiness.

And in the world which became dreadfully pragmatic, filled with exclusively consumer standards it is forgotten that the Opportunity is not equal to Readiness at all and that for existence of the Opportunity the chubby purse is not obligatory at all.

The same is also with sexuality, tenderness of soul and so on. In all these cases of the woman look for Readiness and the Opportunity, and, without having found them, leave. Or remain (there is no place to leave, children and so on), but life in such families very and it is very far from an ideal.

So, dear men, do not simplify the task. Develop the finest line. Also there will be to you happiness - to you and your woman.