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How it is necessary to eat from the general bowl? The forgotten rules of a good form

Are not present in the country of a crunch with paper now. Especially from packing. On which question, probably, already finally is also irrevocably removed from the agenda. In shops there are more and more packages, packages now. Small, big, very big. Put in them all the purchases and - it is ready. Quickly, cheap, conveniently. And with paper … So far you will turn until you tie up a twine or a cord. And that it, paper of this, is not present at all. You want that to you the paper bag was curtailed and then in it kilogram - one and a half sugars packaged, - come with the newspaper.

And with ware now - any problems. Of everyone different in shops - it is full. Came and bought how many it was required also in the necessary quantity. And there was time when on a dining table one general bowl with first course or two - three with the second was exposed, a garnish, fresh vegetables or a pickles - cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage. And all family ate here so - from the general bowl, without displaying food on individual plates.

How it became? What rules worked behind a dining table? Here I also wanted to tell about it today … * * *

of the Aunt is not present

. Saturday. In the city a large market. Here the aunt also left the ranye, to light, having laid in a big basket several tens eggs and two three-liter enameled a bidonchik. One - with sour cream. The second - with fresh, three days to that the churned butter.

After the market it still will surely come into church so to wait for it only by the night. And therefore today in the house we manage with the uncle. Or rather, he manages, and I so, from the street came running.

Lunch. The summer kitchen costs and too misses aunt. Therefore borsch or tasty chicken soup with giblets and self-made noodles will not be. It is a pity. No, okroshka which the uncle made from white, not such at all, as in the city, kvass, cucumbers, a radish and the cold remains of that chicken, too nothing. Just noodles, it not only tasty, but also interesting. Even on the street there is no wish at all when the aunt brings flour from a closet and begins to conjure with a sieve, water, eggs, and somehow so imperceptibly suddenly from all this it at hand in the small enameled basin has Kolobok

, decent by the size, - Kolobok, Kolobok, I will eat you!

- Hey, Kostya … Do not indulge. Hands of wons, look what dirty! Yes you though washed - that in the morning, shalanut? And well, fast …

Aha. All zaspotykatsya even. To pass the most interesting?

Now this Kolobok will appear on the huge board already slightly powdered with flour. And almost at once the aunty`s rolling pin which it clasped previously with a white, flour palm and carried out by her few times up - down a round, oblong piece of wood will begin to scoff at it. And then time. I … Started gleaming, the rolling pin started gleaming in dexterous aunty`s hands. To and fro. To the left to the right. Again - to the left. Forward - back.

Faugh - at - at … Already eyes began to spin. And so far they recover …

O! Already and a knife at the aunt in a hand. Slightly strewed lightly with flour thinly rolled layer of the test and … Up - down a knife on a chopping board. And while the hand with the metal gleaming in it slowly, but persistently moves ahead there, to the opposite edge of a board from it it is possible to take already ready lapshinka:

- Tyo - from …

- And?

- And what to cook it? She and so …

- Oh not to wait to it... Do not touch noodles. Do not touch to whom told! Now - a rag., a bowl the covered eggs boiled. Still did not manage to cool down. Cucumbers - in a bucket. Choose which more. Small we on salting. Is you will be in the winter. Yes wash, wash a cucumber - that! Where? On the street? Bread - to a cucumber cut off that! And prisol.

- And - aa …

* * *

there is no aunt. In a summer kitchen it is empty and is sad without hostess. Today we with the uncle. And therefore we have dinner at home. Too in kitchen, but not summer. Usual.

The uncle on a bench, a back to a wall at the window leaving in a cage through which it is well visible how the Pirate, lying in a tenka that the big pear rejects on its box, unsuccessfully tries to crack some stone, trying it on durability one, other number of teeth. I - on a stool, the right side to a communicating room and a back to the furnace that occupied with the plate the remains of kitchen, and a mirror extended to a bedroom.

On a table a big bowl of okroshka in which the wooden dyadkina a spoon already zanyrnut. Aluminum as at me, it does not transfer to spirit. Heavy, pier. And “ρκσρ“ from it not that. I do not know, I do not know.

I tried. Also compared. When it on a kitchen garden pottered. Aluminum - it is easier. Precisely - it is easier. And “ρκσρ“ … It seems identical. Only a wooden spoon - not such convenient. It is deep. And if directly, not everything for time in a mouth pours out. It is necessary to swallow at first slightly, and then - the rest. And if its side, so in general. These remains on a chin often pour out.

- Braids …

the Wooden spoon softly walked on my hand in which the bread piece is clamped.

- Braids, so from the general bowl do not eat. Here, look. Scooped a spoon. But, right there, over a bowl - you do not send to her mouth. No. Et we only together. And how several people to a table will sit down also all the heads to a bowl? Here cones - that is ponabivat! And as then the heads will hurt all of them! How to work as it with such heads?

No. Scooped a spoon, raised it over a bowl … And itself exactly on a stool you sit. Rovnenko. So that`s that. Lifted a spoon? Now - under it a bread piece that in other hand at you. That on a table did not drip, so far you bear a spoon from a bowl to a mouth. And informed, here then. - in a mouth and then - hlebushky jammed a spoon.

Again an empty spoon - to a bowl. Scooped. So. Here, look. That from a spoon on an oilcloth of a table did not drip, you before under it you substitute a bread piece, carry out by a spoon on a bowl rim. Excess liquid will also flow down back. In a bowl. Got that?

- Understood, understood …

- And as understood, - give. Navorachivay. Who as eats, that and works. Still from kolodezya to apply waters in a barrel for the Night to you.

- Yes it is normal. I remember.

- One bucket! Do not take two. Hard.

- Two - for balance it is better.

- Then full do not pour …

* * * with

Here so then was eaten. Also worked.

Now absolutely in a different way eat. And here work - still. All night long. And without cease. On the earth in a different way it is impossible. She demands that on it gave all the best completely, without the rest. Then it is possible to wait for the return corresponding from it.

And if in a different way, so the earth quickly grows with a wormwood and a tall weeds. And then not only in individual plates, but also in the general bowl - hardly that will manage to be put …