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Where to look for the second half?

the House begin with a threshold, and the relation between the man and the woman - with the first acquaintance.

Each free person wants to meet the half and so that then was not excruciatingly painful from parting, even on the contrary - that ahead waited for the long and happy relations.

There are several places or if you want, checked by time and looking for ways of search of the partner: on the Internet, on vacation, in the companies of friends, in club, at work, “on - related“, by means of announcements in the newspaper. Let`s sort each of ways briefly.

Search on the Internet

Pluses: stay at home to yourself and choose the partner, clicking with a mouse questionnaires, as they say, on taste and color. Houses you in the plate it is also possible to communicate, without hesitating, on different subjects. The Internet - acquaintances - the relations it is easy to break off one more plus if they bothered you.

Minuses: virtual communication is good, and it is alive better. And not everyone the Internet - acquaintance can pass into the serious relations, often even business does not reach personal meeting. Here a considerable role is played by feeling of inferiority - people are afraid to seem not such with what they themselves depicted at a meeting. Moreover - other person, other age and even a floor can be behind a beautiful photo absolutely! And still it is possible to come across swindlers, any maniacs and perverts. Here then guard! Conclusion: the way is good, but it is rather as additional, but not the main. Leave, “person“, in people!

On vacation

Resort, sea, beach … So there is a wish for romanticism and love! And, as a rule, with interest there is both that, and another. Still, many go not just to have a rest, but also in search of love affairs. So to speak, combination pleasant with useful. However the holiday romance has an unpleasant tendency to come to an end together with holiday. And further - as in the sea the ships. But from any rule there are exceptions - and suddenly to you will carry, and you receive from rest not only pleasant memories, but also in a bonus - darling for the rest of life?

In the company of friends

Psychologists say that this way the best. It also is clear - the company of friends liberated the atmosphere, you are loved, and you all too, pleasure of a meeting and communication... And here, somehow by itself you understand that you that guy or that girl to you very much are even nice, and it appears - your feelings are mutual. Besides the liberated atmosphere promotes your further rapprochement.

… However in each barrel of honey there is a tar spoon. So-called professional matchmakers not really - that approve such search: the pier, percent of the fact that at the right time in the company there will be the necessary person - very much and is very small, use our services better. What here it is possible to object? Matchmakers or owners of agencies have the considerable income from procurement. Besides with success friends can execute a role of agency - will purely “incidentally“ invite to a party of candidates for acquaintance, previously, of course, having noted to whom it is worth paying the close attention.

In club

Club - the widespread place for acquaintance. The young contingent - dances to an upad, alcohol gathers in clubs. Statistically, club acquaintances the most short-lived. Why? Well, probably, business again - in youth. Young lives quickly therefore a small love petty intrigue - his destiny. In the morning vague memories of the spent night, the unfamiliar person nearby - and here you already hurry away, having hammered number of the casual acquaintance to yourself into phone. Perhaps, you phone sometime who knows …

Another matter when you have some for 25 (a plus-minus 50). What to do? To go to club “to whom for 30“. As a rule, visitors of such institutions - the people who took place in life, they want stability in everything including in love.

At work

Eh, hard this business - “to pick up“ somebody at work. The collective which settled all to each other got used and became boring. What here acquaintances? And here if the new employee appeared, or you came to new collective. You approach the person. You communicate, at first it is pure on work, then accidentally it turns out that you like the same movie, both of you love tea with eight spoons of sugar in a cup, to walk in the rain, occupations by yoga etc. And here you already together. Idyll! But on polls of the loving couples it became clear that least of all they would like to work together. Draw conclusions, ladies and gentlemen.

“On - related“

the Picture oil - you the good clever person, love the whole world, and the World loves you, but, alas, you are lonely. And here relatives, wishing you to help, look for through acquaintances on work, on giving, on an entrance and god knows where still, to you to steam. Silly? Perhaps, however there are a lot of cases when it works. But, according to many, it absolutely extreme and terribly unmodern way.

of the Announcement in the newspaper

is Now stated by

recession of newspaper announcements of acquaintances the cause is the great and awful Internet. Honestly, it is easier to post the questionnaire on some dating site - it so simply. However, newspaper announcements are the classics checked by time.

All ways of search of a half are good. Perhaps, you will meet he (she) in a traffic jam, the subway, shop or in the place, other, a little suitable for acquaintance.

Dare, and everything at you will turn out! The main thing - not to despair: it is obligatory to eat the person who waited for all life, perhaps, you.

Love and health to you!