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Society of Anonymous Anonymous authors. “I go to look for you“?

It “can be found“ changes everything: culture, person, even economy. Process not up to the end ripened, it not in the last stage, but in active progress. In the long term we have a society where physical contacts will happen only in extremely necessary case. By way of exception. Very much I hope that these exceptions will be regulated by ourselves.

What is interesting - the huge number of the population is concentrated in megalopolises. In a day we meet thousands of people and quite often we push each other. But these contacts (except for those that turn into quarrel) poorly loaded - emotionally and functionally. Moving from point A to point B, we look through people - same, as well as ourselves.

However which - what physical contacts still all - are present. We inhale smells of foreign people, we shake hands, in here and couples in an embrace. Life goes on. But the increasing and most part of our communication passes into the virtual world.

Skin - too the person

Should live feeling, in the color.

Skin - too the person,

with impressions, voices. For it the contact is musical

(A. Voznesensky)

Even “ slightly having adjoined sleeves “ - we communicate. Losing these contacts, we lose a heap of emotions. But it already happened: in a handbag overstrains cellular, in the computer jumps out Skype, the huge number of people uses social networks as the instrument of communication.

Virtualization of contacts shifts the accent which is already already seriously shifted with “to be“ on “to seem“. One of the songs heard today in the car - “Olya from a network“ - comes to an end with the fact that Olya in reality is Nikolay Afanasyevich. Not such the original situation, but the song turned out indeed ridiculous.

Impersonality on the Internet - somewhat fiction for those who by the nature of work can easily “find“ the person. For the others - all information which the person gives about himself is just taken on trust.

Anonymity and plasticity of virtual contacts leads Anonymity in a square to the fact that the person can freely model own personality or persons, finally turning life into game. The problem of a ratio of life and game was many times mentioned in world culture.

What our life? Game!

(Arius Germann. Tchaikovsky, “Queen of spades“)

It is clear that not all in life game, not any life game. If it is very short - life differs from game in irreversibility - it is backbone quality of life. Life cannot be changed. And game can be changed, it is possible even to change even rules of the game.

Today I am Olya - Pricking, tomorrow - a polar horned owl or the newcomer from Tau Keith`s planet. By the way, Vysotsky in the song about Tau Keith`s constellation has an interesting refrain too:

At taukityan

All appearance - deception.

cannot compete with them Here:

will be, will be dissolved

Blurring and reversibility of virtual life - game, an illusory opportunity to change leads to the fact that in real life more and more game imitating characteristics appear. “To be“ less and less, “to seem“ more and more. The human person gradually becomes part of big game, in many respects from it not dependent. Though just it seems to it that on the contrary. So far we are at an early stage of such society - set of playgrounds, but is thought that it is a question of only several decades.

Full transition of mankind to virtual reality - business of absolutely near future. It is ridiculous to gasp and protest - process is irreversible, I would even tell - it natural as paradoxically sounds. Natural virtualization of live life.

Certainly, in such society there are conveniences and advantages. And first of all is a relief of the physical efforts necessary for communication. Virtualization, facilitating communication process, makes it more available. For many it is in general the only opportunity, there are people for whom full real-life communication - inaccessible luxury. At the same time with expansion of the horizons depth and quality of communication at the same time decreases.

However in the virtual world there are life elements too - at least because there are irreversibility elements. Even being anonymous or not up to the end “open“, we leave marks. We leave memory of the words - sincere or insincere.

There is also a practical advantage of virtualization - and therefore the considerable part of our life is given to the virtual world.

How to survive in the wood - we study on the Internet. As “to love and be darlings“ - on the Internet. On the Internet advise on all spheres of activity. On the Internet even guess.

My kind acquaintance during the bad period of life earned additionally the virtual restaurant critic. Studied on the websites of restaurants of the menu and the price, wrote responses on a hungry stomach. Result - masterly ability to prepare.

Perhaps, the virtual and real world will sometime merge. How here not to remember ingenious Vernadsky. Enriching and complicating mutually each other, the real and the virtual will be naturally and repeatedly in a day to pass each other. Also a certain type of immortality will turn out...

But nobody guarantees that there will be no something opposite. Falling of the person in a narcotic hole of the virtual worlds. The moment when it is technically possible to imitate almost any feelings approaches.

Pressed mentally the button - and you in the Mariana hollow (reclining in a bathtub). Pressed mentally another - and you in a next world - by request of the client get out that which is necessary proceeding from cultural traditions. A next world according to the catalog - for thrill-seekers.

But the most quick-selling goods - love. What you order to worry? Of one night to all-consuming lifelong feeling. All inclusive, even in the form of consequences in the form of children. A bonus - interactive grandsons...

I do not know whether the mankind has a choice. But each person precisely has a choice. We can choose degree and borders of immersion to the virtual world.

Perhaps still we will live a little bit in real, on guilty and beautiful Earth?