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What initially?


We know or not, we agree or not, but there is what never depends on our opinion, on our acceptance or rejection. It is what we cannot explain, we cannot forbid, and are forced to accept and treat such phenomena, as to self-evident.

It I about the natural phenomena: to change of day and night, emergence of hurricanes, crust eruptions, thunders and lightnings etc. You will not list everything. But all this appears in the physical world irrespective of our desire or unwillingness.

Nobody will argue that there is something the highest that moves all our life. Something non-material, invisible which cannot be felt, seen, heard. But approach of some phenomenon, harbinger can be observed personally - as result of already made invisible action. Whom? Probably, some supernatural force. Natural we see all, and over seen by our eyes is over understanding something our nature.

In the life I saw many supernatural things which could not explain. Many times left their adverse situations from which as if there was no exit. I was only surprised how it was so passed by a problem and there was nothing bad? I even to the regional newspaper about it wrote, about miracles in my life. Understood only later why it occurred, and now it became clear from where problems undertake, without the reason nothing happens.

And the problem is not the reason, but a consequence of our wrong thoughts, words and acts. And what occurs in life good or bad is a result of our internal state. Togo as we perceive the outside world - our outlook.

The same physical and chemical processes are result only of the events in the invisible world. We do not see preparation for eruption of volcanoes - the movements of breeds in the depth of the earth, we do not see how accumulates forces of “tsunami“ or other type of a hurricane. We observe only derivative of it: roar, squall, hurricane, tornado, fire, streams of a lava and water. With roots trees escape, bridges and dwellings collapse, people perish. And already begun processes are reflected in devices.

All this occurs not incidentally, and is natural. And from where these unwritten laws undertake? Be indignant, suffer, suffer from uncertainty and misunderstanding - but all of us are powerless to change it. To change - yes, but to prevent all this horror - perhaps. And the nature here at anything, it here so reacts to our relation to life, to belief, to the Creator, to itself, at last. Only with enlightenment, an enlightenment of consciousness begins to reach why and what it comes from.

And it turns out that at first is born invisible, and visible comes as reflection of this most invisible. Told the invisible word, thought it is invisible - the visible result came. We think: well why he is lucky, and me something in any way. We say to much that we have no money if someone asks to lend. But, if now in a pocket there is no money, it does not mean that they are absent at all. It turns out that we slander on ourselves, i.e. we deceive.

Money can be at home, at work, and we say that they are absent. It is possible just to tell: now they are absent and to ask on what they are necessary to the person. If everything is planned, and tell, to borrow - no, everything is already distributed. But do not deceive others since the pronounced words, instantly materialize.

And if you deceived someone and told that there is no money, never in the necessary quantity you also will have them. And what means, materialize? And the fact that the phrase “at me is not present money“ really will result in their absence at you.

And so, invisible thoughts also operate our visible acts. And when we, without having thought, without having weighed a situation, do something, we resolve issues, often we receive problems. Moreover also we tell, sometimes, the wrong words destroying all good in life. Also we think: it is necessary, here the thought was, and I did not pay attention to it and at once ran there where it was not necessary to run at this time. Downtime, money. If at first to think, estimate, would be disappointments less.

So there is a wish - say many, visible changes in life, changes. And if you succeed, help, teach the one who near you and will not leave poverty in any way. And here example. The woman works and has prosperity. But from month to month, from year to year will not get out of debts in any way. Their beret, itself without understanding where money disappears then. Constantly with heavy mood goes to work, as to compulsion. And for himself does not see any exit. There are thoughts to change a job to leave debts.

And here she stopped and well thought: that it is better and as will be without the corresponding skills at new work. It had constant thanks of clients on today`s place. And until it began to plan the finance and time, nothing good occurred. One disorder, offenses on, excessive self-criticism and belittling of as persons. But gradually surprising changes began to come to her life.

So, on the first place in life it is more useful to put not the material, and changed thinking, and a constant control for by the own words - that invisible what we argued today on. And all material will be put over time.