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What is a family?


(a practical grant for the woman)

Ya never thought earlier of a family. Lived and lived as all. But eventually I began to look somehow in a different way at the events in the house because I learned about the mission of the wife and mothers moreover and about the husband. Here with this information I also want to share with you.

It appears, a family not only a cell of society, but also the institute of the union of the man, very first on the earth, and women. It as paradise piece on the earth, i.e. the place of satisfaction of all needs of each other, but not just the territory for the general food, clothing, a spanye, overlap …

I if everyone will care for that not only to it it was good, but also that who near it, such family also will be paradise. For example, two decided to be together. Both of them with different habits, characters. And an essence not that similar souls connected, and in that at the same time their identity remained. we Will take

one couple which cannot work the friend without friend. It is a fork with the socket. Both of them have different functions, but current goes, only when they together, in contact.

And here, the unity just also consists in our variety, the man has abilities of the family device, and the woman has duties. And the family is given to the person in order that he had a comfortable recreation area where it is possible to take off all masks, to be oneself and relax. Initially the house is a smooth water, but not the place of the conflicts and wars.

Here home the wife and if she begins communication according to love and gratitude that it such good, clever, gentle … these words will destroy what can be came, upset him, offended outdoors. The condition of rest is one heart higher than any mind. And if someone came home with the devastated soul, tired, and breaks on house - then everything from it it becomes bad.

If to wonder: with what I go home how many a negative I bear? You will come round after time: why from a threshold began to swear? Well, children did not make something. All was necessary - find for what they can be praised. It is not shameful and apologize if in vain shouted. And the family atmosphere defines success of business at work. And if there is no house peace of mind - in the small territory, then there will be nothing good and at work.

At many women work came to the forefront, they began to give less attention to family duties: to children, the husband, and gradually become each other strangers. And that to avoid it, it is necessary to learn not just to listen, but also to hear each other. There is no sense to accuse another, it is better to look at a situation differently. If something does not suit you in the child, pay attention to yourself, and you will find in yourself that “log“ which needs to be removed urgently.

Besides if at work problems appeared, think and you will understand that roots in a family as problems is a specular reflection of the relations in a family. Nothing appears from nothing disappears completely. Very important still not only how we speak, but also that? So words which we tell sprout as seeds in the soil.

Here between spouses there was a scandal. The child approached, something asks, and from him with irritation wave away since he to them prevents to be at war. And knots which will be untied further by bad acts are tied in soul at the child 3 - 4kh years as if.

It is no secret that souls of children collapse shouts of parents, and shout is as an atomic bomb, sweeps away a destructive wave all germs in destiny of the child.

of People also lives - that to give the love since only it is a source of life, pleasure, victories on the earth.

Many often ask a question: where the love leaves? And in general, from where it undertakes from where comes? It appears, the love is not a noun, but a verb.

If the love in you is, then she is not proud, so and you, are not extolled, not irritated, and a lot of things NOT, and the most important - never ceases, does not vanish anywhere.

You can leave her, and it does not disappear anywhere and will be so much how many there will be an earth. The love as the child who needs to be fed every day and then it will never leave. And still it as the dropped-out snow, the cover hides all offenses, losses, disappointments, disagreements … and only words of gratitude are inherent in it. And to us not to stint only them.

Here speak: there is no love. You so think that it is absent. It is only necessary to take out it from itself, to get since it in a nature of each person. And in a family to show love is to live for each other. Family paradise is when the world, love, comfort, attention. When do not pour salt on wounds of the child if something not so, and appreciate his openness and try to understand him.

In our life there are not only different rules, for example, of grammar, but also other rules - laws of life. So man and woman of a raznofunktsionalna. He by the nature - a dayatel, and it is a prinimatel. He is a sower, it is the earth. When plentiful rainfall drops out, seeds will sprout. And the woman needs to cultivate kind shoots, but not evil sprouts. They need to be uprooted as weeds. And if the woman is created from one edge, but not from several, then to the man unusually to have several women.

Seven more it is possible to consider how one body where the head - the husband, and the wife - the rest. It was given a lot of things, but to operate a family is responsibility of the man, i.e. the heads. As in a usual body without team from the head nothing will work, and in a family.

Wives consider that they know what has to be the husband. And maybe, someone prays for the husbands? During war, after a hard work of the woman read in the evenings the Bible and prayed as were able, for that husbands returned from war.

Much they died in the Second World War, in Afghanistan, in Chechnya. But the enemies stealing men still remained: it is ignorance, i.e. ignorance by them of. For what was born for what purpose lives how to it to behave in a family? Ignorance of an inner world dooms men to destruction.

A the woman has one mission: to support the head - the man.

U it only two functions: to support and approve the man. the nature awarded

A of men with six functions: to be a dayatel, the defender, an obespechitel, the leader, the teacher, the idea man.

I at everyone the responsibility, it is not necessary to weigh and reproach, the heavier. When the woman begins to teach the husband, she to him has claims: here I tried, and you will not tell thanks to me etc.

A thanks speak in that case when you execute the functions, but do not take away them from the man.

So, the family cultivates love and fills lost outside the house, at work. Well and how, for example, to react if the husband told nonsense? It is simple to agree, or not to pay attention, only then he will begin to see clearly and will understand the mistake. The wife should not learn, convince that he is wrong. And that problems will not be gathered.

Progress is given us not to forget a family and in order that the released time of the spouse was given each other. The love leaves, is stolen when we did not protect it. And if you received love - give it, but not hatred, rage, irritation, abuse, offense. Received good - give good that both the good and love a hundredfold returned to you!