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In what dream force?

are familiar to All of us such situations, ever put much, or something we are not in time or somewhere we go and we endow a dream thinking that we will sleep tomorrow. We made affairs, all were in time, but we do not think that we lost!

Dream - this physiological condition of the person which is characterized by total absence of reactions to external irritants, reduction of activity of a number of processes.

Most of people considers that the dream is only necessary to us to have a rest or just to start the next day. But what happens to us during a dream very few people know and seldom thinks of it.

During a dream our brain processes all information which arrived in a day and for this reason since morning there are much more ideas, and at times in the morning we change the decision which was made last night, on opposite. Also during a dream our organism tries not only to restore forces, but also to heal wounds which we sometimes get during the day. Each of us noticed that if before going to bed our wounds bleed, then for the morning they already drag on, i.e. during a dream our organism is restored much quicker.

The human brain by the principle something is similar to the computer. Remember, at times if very long to work at the computer and not to reboot it, then he begins to suspend and reflect, and after reset everything again well and quickly works. Also and our brain: a dream for it - it is reset.

Such symptoms as are inherent in the person who sleeps a little:

- fatigue

- drowsiness

- an indisposition

- temperature

- fear of light

- apathy

- excessive perspiration

- a small appetite

- irritation from sharp and enough loud sounds

appear Further sleeplessness, a podragivaniye of finger-tips of hands, concern and baseless scares.

As a result of constant our nedosypany organism just gradually fails and ceases to function normally. And if behind it not to watch and not to observe the dream modes, then shortly medical care since the diagnosis a syndrome of chronic fatigue will be made to it can be necessary for the person who does not fill up.

The syndrome of chronic fatigue is a state at which the immune system of the person is so vulnerable that does it defenseless before viruses, microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria, parasites with whom immunity of the healthy person usually copes. Its emergence is directly connected with sharp acceleration of a rhythm of life and increase in intellectual and psychological load of the person.

Recently the syndrome of chronic fatigue strikes more and more people of average and young age. Patients constantly feel been tired to death, their attention is disseminated, the mood is reduced.

Long ago it is established that for a normal state the adult on average needs to sleep eight hours, and to the child - nine and these rules are strongly recommended to be respected. Here it is only a pity that it leaves not so often as we would like, and the person who observes the dream modes, feels much better, more vigorously, more surely, he is full of strength, energy and seeks to achieve the set and new objects.