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Mekongsky bobtail: korotkokhvosty Siamese?

Even more often at exhibitions began to appear cats of a “Siamese“ color with the short fancifully broken tails. They always start a set of questions at visitors of such actions and the most widespread of them: “Oh, who it? Korotkokhvosty Siamese? whether“

are So far questioning from truth? Let`s try to give the answer to this question!

Old Siamese cats habitual to the majority of us became ancestors of three modern breeds:

- actually modern Siamese cats;

- very similar on starotipny siam - the Thai cats;

- mekongsky bobtails - cats with a “Siamese“ color and company tails. The tail consists of hooks or knots in any combination, with the first incorrectness at the basis. Has at least three vertebras, but should not be longer, than one quarter of length of a trunk.

The Mekongsky bobtail very young Russian breed - the standard in the WCF system (the first recognized it) was accepted in 2004. And recognition it was not simple, contrary to threat of disappearance in the course of selection work with the Thai cats. Only thanks to group of enthusiasts we can enjoy society of these unique cats also now.

Mekongsky bobtails are very clever and sociable. Most often buying a kitten to the house - you get “tail“ which will follow you everywhere. It with pleasure will walk with you on the street, to travel by car and in any other transport. Mekong very strongly become attached to the owner and members of his family, but not to the house, as allows them to feel comfortably practically in any conditions!

Is surprising as easily mekongsky bobtail gets on in families with other animals: dogs of any sizes, cats, parrots, polecats and even rats.

Being the most striking example of cats - partners this breed is ideal as for lonely people to whom Mekong will present all itself, and for families with children. He not only will become the accomplice of all childish sports but also is ready to suffer inept children`s love with a suffering look (to call it a muzzle at me language does not turn). My own child is brought up in an environment of bobtails from 3,5 summer age and not to time was not scratched or offended by either an adult cat, or a kitten. Perhaps on the contrary I had to save kids from its too hot embraces.

Mekongsky bobtails are very curious, they follow people everywhere as dogs as do not want to pass something important. And many other qualities make related their behavior with dog! For example the toys in teeth very much like to drag the fact that in game and a fight they use teeth, than claws more often and absolutely like a dog are able to express the tail not only irritation as other cats, and the whole range of various emotions, talking to the favourite owner.

Mekongsky bobtails are remarkable also the fact that matriarchy therefore and in communication with people of a kitty of this breed show more independence than cats who for the rest of the natural remain playful children with innocent blue eyes reigns in their families - for which they can forgive ALL! Girls Mekong - the real east, distinguished princesses.

About mekongsky bobtails are put legends. About their rare beauty, improbable “dog“ devotion and rare mind. And let in life all not as in legends and our favourites do not battle against snakes any more, do not guard temples and do not even wear a jewelry on tails - they are the real treasure and matter not only in fashionable exclusive tails!!!