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Network marketing 2. 0 or network marketing in the Internet?

Recently I received from Alexander Sinamati the letter here of such contents:

“Hello, Olga, I read to

With pleasure materials of your blog (and I place them in the

magazine:) ))

I have to you a question - I faced that that some network sales managers share the concepts “network marketing on the Internet“ and “Network marketing 2. 0.“ What your opinion about it? Thank you in advance for the answer.“ I Will tell

honestly, especially I did not think of this subject. Though recently on the Internet various opinions on just these concepts appeared.

One actively criticize the concept 2. 0, others study, the third both study, and apply. Someone just from outside observes and everything does in own way. As always, any idea has opponents, and there are supporters, and only all the time will place on the places.

Actually whether there are distinctions or these concepts express one essence? At first sight, apparently, that everything is clear: as do not call it “business mlm“ - it also is business mlm.

But it only at first sight. And yes will seem to the beginner who only undertook development of open spaces of a global network, too most likely.

Network marketing 2. 0 - it is the concept which for the first time in the RuNet was read by Dmitry Smakotin. And if you enter this term into a search engine, then, just in the first lines of search and Dmitry Smakotin`s blog will appear.

I would sound it so: Network marketing 2. 0 - it is Dmitry Smakotin`s brand.

Also as, Kirill Leytsikhovich`s course “MLM on an automatic pilot 2 appeared now. 0“ which is directly connected with a name of Kirill so this term promotes Kirill`s brand. I will not be surprised if the term “MLM on An Automatic Pilot“, also occupies the RuNet and it will be actively used by network sales managers.

So it: the new direction in business mlm or something another?

I would tell so: it just the name of systems - a brand by means of which the main goal of network marketing, but only is achieved. On the basis of these systems it is easy to collect and organize training, and thus the circle of followers will turn out already.

It is good if it does not leave from a main objective of business aside: people go to study to receive result in business, to close a new rank, to gain new income. But not for the sake of the study. The fact that at these people they will get qualitatively an education it is, undoubtedly. So the question is in how they will apply this knowledge …

Network marketing in the Internet - it is already rather closer in general to a subject “network marketing “, at least, someone`s particular person is not traced this concept. It is simple to eat business “ìëì“ and there is an Internet as the instrument of business.

When I began to analyze actions of network sales managers on this or that system, and actions of people just in the Internet, saw a big difference.

Systems train in the correct creation and use of the main tools of the Internet: it is mailing, work with target audience, creation of a subscription list as business bases, receiving a traffic etc.

In this case, the leader mlm or the distributor goes in the right direction.

A here the concept “Network Marketing in the Internet“ can have several other coloring.

I.e. network sales managers came to the Internet and instead of understanding how all mechanisms and tools in the Internet work, they just transfer methods of real to the Internet:

The rule of 100 m whom I see on the horizon there am enough that and call to myself.

Bothering super - a puper with offers and persistence.

What of course very strongly frightens off people who only - only began to look narrowly at network business.

Such look can have as the person who sends spam, as well as the one who is sent spam …

SPAM gets more and more sophisticated forms both in social nets, and in Skype.

The most terrible here that rassylshchik of spam do not even think of what harm they do to the industry mlm in general.

Proceeding from it, I want to tell that there is no fast money in the Internet. Here the same laws of business, as always work, independently in the Internet you build it or not: to be the leader, to take the responsibility for the business and the actions, to change, be trained and increase the value in the market.

Of course system, more precisely it is necessary and simply necessary to tell the scheme of actions for successful creation of business. And it was already defined, and there will be still different names of systems - it is inevitable, t. to each leader will sharpen this scheme under itself and the company, giving the system this or that name.

of PS: Very interesting moment endures network marketing now. It, in fact, revolution, such transition period: many distributors, having filled cones in real, do not want and cannot work on old, they go to the Internet, someone studies new systems, someone transfers real methods, leaders do not want too and cannot already operate on old, but also not everyone in a new way can do.

And we observe natural process of selection: integration of one teams, due to falling of others.

Is simple who the first oriented who the first felt a wind of change, created the system, that also ate. Also active migration of network sales managers is already now observed that in such situation is inevitable. And what once again proves that network marketing, it mlm is the business which submits to the general laws of any business.

Personally I for myself defined the following concepts to which I adhere today (not to get confused and to lose the purpose):

is business “network marketing “which as call all the same business and will remain. And main task of this business: to do commodity turnover, increasing it from month to month. My purpose by means of this business to come to certain results, as well as the purpose of my partners.

And here methods 2,0 or the autopilot, or can be, 3 will appear tomorrow. 0 and 10. 0 - essences do not change. There is an Internet - the good tool by means of which we can convey information with higher quality, facilitate processes of signing, connection and raising of partners by submission of the dosed information. And in the same way, using system, to create a flow of candidates.

I confuse this Internet tool to something free and easy a little. And all these different names are very good for creation of a certain flow of people on courses, training, trainings that in itself is good, but provided that all this somehow will influence commodity turnover and growth of business of these most trained people, and not vice versa.

I still I would like to note the second important point, whether in real whether on the Internet, network marketing assumes changes of the person. And it is confused sometimes to concept: I paid money, me what, also something needs to be done? (It about the Internet). In real tools cost cheaper, but also the attitude towards him already less serious.

It turns out that in the Internet more people just want to buy and buy hope, and they are not ready to changes. And you?