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Mona Lisa - what we know about her? Whether

Are in the modern world at least one person who does not know expression “Mona Lisa`s smile?“

A somebody who does not know a name of the ingenious artist of Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci? It is unlikely, and, perhaps, a mistake will not call this its work by the most known among all other, ever existing under the Moon.

The secret of a smile of Mona Lisa occupied minds of the most different people, the most different estates and eras. Many wanted to possess a mysterious picture and were ready to pay for it the whole states that led to numerous theft of a cloth.

But eventually it came back to the “imperial“ place in Louvre again. There, in the so-called Square Room, behind thick armor glass, her mysterious smile continues to captivate visitors.

Near this masterpiece other works of art turn pale and are lost. Unsurpassed works of such authors as Perudzhino, Titian and Raphael, seem only modest suite of a brilliant picture - queens.


can almost not Express in words all magnificence of a picture. The more you behold it, the more are fascinated by this unearthly mystery winning the hearts of many generations long before you.

Gioconda is represented by sitting. Her body is developed to the left, the person is a little more to the viewer while brown eyes look directly at you. A nutbrown hair frames a light face and falls on shoulders, the greenish dress with deep cut is a little recovered by light sleeves.

On a background - a beautiful landscape in warm, soft, dark colors, with hills, mountains and the footpath curling upward. A little gloomy sky indicates early morning or the day inclining to evening.

A picture only 77 centimeters in height and 53 in width. Nevertheless the background with far mountains makes impression of monumentalism. Except inaccessible beauty, the masterpiece transfers the ideas of the artist formulated by it in his treatise on painting. For example, in it it is faultlessly shown sfumato - effect - refusal of accurate outlines in favor of air impression. It gives to work a certain coldness and at the same time illusion of the live breathing body.


On one of versions, work on a picture began in 1503, Gioconda then was 24 years old, and to Leonard - 51. It is considered that the artist worked on it 4 years, but, in his opinion, it and remained unfinished. The historian Vazari who was the true fan of the artist claimed that this portrait was written from Francesco del Gioconde`s wife.

Other, newer theory says that the masterpiece was created from 1514 to 1515. According to this version, the woman represented in a picture - actually the duchess Costanza d`Avalos. This beautiful lady and Federigo del Baltso`s widow was sung in Eneo Irpino`s poem where it was also mentioned that Leonardo painted her portrait.

Besides the version of the historian Vazari looks improbably also because Leonardo kept a portrait and even took it with itself in France. And in general, the artist for some reason showed unusual attachment to the child and respectively - special care in work on it.

For example, he used one very unusual reception: in a picture time of writing it kept in a workshop of clowns, singers and players on musical instruments. All of them time entertained the posing woman to remove traces of fatigue and boredom with which portraits so often sin from her face.

From work on this picture the artist never evaded as it often happened to other orders. Spent on it all free time, being given to writing of this masterpiece with incomprehensible passion of the inspired creator.

So many dared to assume that between model and the artist there was certain very intimate relationship.

Well, one is anyway clear: Mona Lisa awakened such inspiration which result continues to delight and fascinate centuries minds of people to this day in the ingenious artist.