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What manicure the most fashionable?

Any woman respecting herself will not begin to go with the gnawed, badly filed, dirty nails. For himself it is necessary to watch and not to be lazy.

Accurate nails even if they fragile, in power to have everyone. You carry with yourself a nail file that in case of unexpected breakage it was possible to make the emergency amendment, do not forget to remove a varnish which does not look new any more from nails.

Every year the number of women who increase nails increases. It became very popular, especially when biogel - safe substance, significantly different from the last ways of building by usual gel and acryle appeared.

After biogel removal nails still remain strong, do not lose healthy appearance. If you have an opportunity, then you can increase nails in house conditions, for this purpose it is enough complete special courses, buy a set of biogel and an ultra-violet lamp.

Biogel on nails looks naturally, is removed safely. The varnish on them keeps several weeks - it saves time.

Length of nails

Length of nails inevitably decreases, and now it is extremely fashionable to have to impropriety short nails, so short that well just there is no place. At the same time it is possible to issue stylishly both short, and average nogtik.

the Shape of nails

the Fashionable shape of nails becomes more and more extravagant and impressive, and in some moments and frightening. The oval, rounded-off and square nails faded into the background because managed to cloy strongly all. New contours of nails is a stiletto, Bridget, payp and eydzh. Creation of such fancy and fascinating nail surfaces became possible with development of technology of nail extension.

the Color palette

the Color palette for nails contains colors of restraint and a practicality, no nacreous and glossy shades in it have today the place! Opaque and saturated colors dictate the terms.

Manicure extra - a class: the nails of average length of square shape covered in the dark deep color (black, chocolate, plum, blue, emerald), and the hole of a nail is allocated with a metal varnish. This composition on nails creates unique effect of the magnificent stones concluded in a precious frame.

the Lunar manicure became popular last year, but also now it is actual more than ever. Color of a nail surely light, and a hole - dark. The top hole it is also possible to highlight with dark color.

the metal color of a varnish reminding silver or iron, gold or platinum, or perhaps bronze Is popular for nails … There are varnishes imitating old gold, in them there are necessary impregnations and modulations creating such tremendous effect.

For summer manicure well are suitable berry colors: crimson, cherry, currant, bilberry. The fashion is indulgent to those who any more not to care for strict compliance of lipstick and nail varnish. This fact significantly facilitates life everything to women of fashion because now it is not shameful to leave from - carrot lipstick and a crimson marigold!

it is fashionable to span not to miss, namely to express the cheerful mood as nails in peas, a section and a strip, adding in addition bright children`s colors. But it is necessary to add an impregnation of white or black color to this bright bouquet.

popularity brightly - blue opaque nail varnish, dairy - blue Grows, it is gray - blue as if a heavenly haze, colors.

Many designers just go crazy on shades of corporal color that, naturally, does not avoid also color of nail varnish. Dairy - pink and quiet corporal color looks on nails very accurately, gives them a certain riddle and if to pick up color of a varnish in tone of your fingers, they will seem even longer and thinner.

Finally I want to add that you should not pursue fashion contrary to all reasonable arguments. Take from fashion only what contains in it useful to you specifically and suits you as well as possible.

And still, in fashion always accurate and clean nails - beauty in simplicity, but not in a superstylish varnish.