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How it is correct to drink to an elder?

an elder are Today one of the most popular drinks in clubs and at parties, she can be met on pages of the menu practically in any institution. What the secret of its popularity consists in?

An elder represents sweet anisic liqueur a sort from Italy. Its fortress makes from 38 to 42%. Classical an elder has no color - it transparent, but it is also possible to meet dark and its red versions.

It is known an elder long since, it was brought to Ancient Rome by saratsina and was used as medicine.

The origin of the name of drink is definitely not known. About it there are several versions. One of them is that an elder it is obliged by the name to black elder which is allegedly added to liqueur for an equilibration of too bright taste of an anise. Elder in Latin sounds as Sambucus nigra. Besides, elders connect the name with the Arab name of its basic element - an anise of star-shaped (zammut), with the name of the city in the Province of Tuscany, and also with the name of the ships bringing this drink.

So all - what people so love this liqueur for? All secret in a way of its use - an elder most often moves burning and represents rather colourful show. Drinking elders are the whole ritual. Let`s consider several ways of its use:

The classical option consists in the following today - in a cognac big-bellied glass (a so-called snifter) a little liqueur is poured and 2 - 3 kernels of coffee rush, the glass is put by side on the second glass (the low glass well will be suitable for whisky), liqueur is set fire and some time burns. In order that the glass with the burning drink did not burst, it needs to be scrolled continuously round its pivot-center.

Then the burning liquid is poured in the lower glass (the above you will be able to lift a snifter, the giving will look more effectively!) also cover top, at the same time the flame dies away, and all couples of an anise rise up and remain in a glass. Right after it the glass in which liqueur burned is put by a bottom up on in advance prepared napkin with the tubule thrust in it. Further an elder it is drunk, had a snack on the coffee kernels floating in it and then through a straw fumes of an anise are inhaled. They scold most often to tears!

Also to an elder drink purely strongly cooled. Sometimes mix it with ice water, add as ingredient to many cocktails or just set fire in a shot glass.

But there are also more extreme directions of use elders! For example, on the pile turned upside down several drops elders drip, allow it to lose, extinguish (and sometimes and leave burning) and inhale it a nose.

But also this yet not most spectacular. The most courageous set fire to drink directly in a mouth! But here it is necessary to be very careful: it is previously obligatory to wipe dry from lip liqueur, and as soon as heat begins to be felt, at once to close a mouth and to swallow drink.

Among other things, an elder possesses a number of useful properties: stimulates digestion and improves appetite, facilitates cough and treats cold, has anti-inflammatory effect and just increases mood.

But, despite it, it is worth using it as well as all other alcoholic beverages, in reasonable quantities, otherwise harm it will bring much more.