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the city of Armenia - “the coffee capital“ of Colombia.

city of Armenia.

• Department capital: Kindio.

• Population: 340. 000 people

• Height above sea level: 1551 M.

• Average annual temperature: 23 °C

• Date of the basis: 14 Oct. 1899

the Colombian city with the unusual name Armenia received the name in 1880 according to the name of one of next manors of Colombia. It is easy to guess that the Armenians who arrived to South America in search of wealth and happiness were owners of a manor.

The settlement received the status of the city nine years later after the basis. The number of inhabitants quickly increased, and authorities were forced to recognize on October 14, 1889 Armenia as the real city. Though originally new settlement was called in honor of the president acting then, soon under impression of the message about Ottoman genocide of Armenians of 1894 - 97 which flew the whole world. the name Armenia in the country was finally fixed.

Many Colombian cities, by tradition, have the double name. Armenia has the second name and - “the city of miracles“ (ciudad de los milagros) for its unusual, prompt development that was promoted much by its inhabitants. Still Armenia by right call “the coffee capital“ of Colombia (Capital cafetera).

This city of the youngest of all capitals of the Colombian departments. Today it is the center of the most economically safe region of the country. The year-round temperate soft warm climate creates ideal conditions for cultivation in this region of elite grades of coffee. The Colombian coffee - unique. Fans of fragrant drink appreciate it special softness. Similar quality any coffee in the world does not possess.

The beginning of world coffee boom became the real economic miracle for Colombia, and especially for areas where coffee is grown up. In Armenia practical there are no signs of poverty. Though locals do not love also excessive grandiosity.

Armenia - one of the purest and beautiful cities of Colombia. You will not meet in is mute large structures, and two well-known museums - the museum of the disappeared Indian culture of Kimbaya (archaeological examples of the disappeared Indian culture are stored in it) and the museum of coffee are considered as its main sights.

This city is famous for the hospitality and affability, many residents of the country prefer to spend the holidays here. It is not surprising that the local coffee planters owning manors (hacienda) combine the traditional business with the industry of tourism and rest. Most of travelers prefers to stop in these manors. Tourists can not just watch from outside preparation of coffee, but also participate in this process.

The fact that in Armenia there is the only museum of coffee in the world to Colombians, seems natural. Coffee is a basis of wellbeing of all region.

Many historical events also are connected with coffee. Popularity of the well-known jeep Willis in no small measure was promoted by local coffee planters who fell in love with this car for its passability, maneuverability, compactness and unpretentiousness. In the country the jeep Willis - a symbol of the planter of coffee.

Annually in June near Armenia there takes place the National festival of coffee (Reinado nacional del cafe) which obligatory elements are Parade of jeeps (Yipao), the choice of the National queen of coffee and the Theatre festival (Tipao). This show very beautifully is also especially loved by tourists. Pretenders to a rank of the coffee queen dress up in national suits and execute national traditional dances.

Guests can also visit National park of Nevados and rise by snow-covered tops. For this holiday there come several thousands of tourists from all corners of the country and from - for a boundary.

By the way, Colombia, undoubtedly, the world record-holder by species of the growing palm trees. Palma Kindio, along with a coffee tree, one of vegetable symbols of the country. This magnificent plant can reach up to 70 meters in height and has quite long term of life. Grows only in the Andi region of Colombia.

The hilly terrain is loved by cyclists, fans of extreme sports.

are In the city several universities, main of which - University Gran Kolombiya and Del Quindio`s University.

Unfortunately, this region of the country is seismically unstable. In January, 1999. The city was partially destroyed by a six-ball earthquake, several thousands of people died, many inhabitants remained homeless. But soon enough the city built up anew, and today Armenia remains still to one of the most beautiful cities of Colombia.

In vicinities of Armenia the zone of cultivation of refined coffee - Cafetera is located. Armenia-Malisales - Pereira - in a coffee triangle the first at the beginning of the XIX century sinners landed coffee. The far-sighted local priest appointed repenting obedience - in redemption to plant a coffee tree. Since then the boom of this crop began.

The Russian journalist Vladislav Zavyalov who visited the region of “a coffee triangle“ tells:

- A coffee tree two times a year bear fruits. The crop is reaped at the end of spring and late fall. To define that berry ripened very simply - it red color, it can even be tried. It pleasant and sweetish on taste …

During a harvesting season each collector of coffee has to collect 300 kg of coffee grains for the 12th hour shift. Day earnings for this hard work can reach $60. It is a lot of, but for 300 kg!

Colombians thought up an original way of purification of grains of pulp - a separator exercise bike - two in one. Grains in it are purified, and then give all the best on drying, but not on the open sun, and in a shadow, for about 40 hours … At this time they are examined and sorted.

Is white and brown grains - everything depends on quality of coffee. The best - white … It goes for export - to the USA, Europe, and badly cleared remains in Colombia.

Such acquaintance, a bewitching smell of coffee will appear only after roasting of grains. It is the most important stage. Coffee for 50% consists of sugar, and caramel smack appears during heat treatment. That taste turned out soft, balanced - grains fry no more than 10 minutes at a temperature of 220 degrees. Later allow to cool down that foreign smells left. And only then it will be possible to enjoy the true aroma fresh ground, an old, antiquated way of coffee. The recipe of preparation, traditional for these places, - three spoons on 6 small cups.

And still here in a special way advance coffee … Appeal of packing by itself, but specialists of factory form a certain image of consumption. Look for that taste which corresponds to an image of the fan of coffee.

of 2300 tons of coffee annually export to Russia.

Coffee, bananas, a bamboo and coffee estates haciendas - the unique landscape existing only in the Colombian coffee triangle. It is wanted to be entered in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. This direction always was popular...


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