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What can be prepared at a fishing fire?

U us on Volga, consider, all fishermen. One, so to speak, “for the sake of art“, others - as necessary.

I from the first. I fish from the early childhood and still I try to escape each day off on the small river.

Holiday - without options: we set up a camp, and from water on a step. We fry a catch, we cook, we reserve for the future - we salt, we dry, we smoke. Directly ashore we know culinary recipes of preparation of fish dishes not bad. It would be desirable to share them with same, as well as we, enthusiasts of amateur fishing. Fish dishes outdoors directly from fire - yes with a cup white - are very good!

So that can be prepared on fishing from the caught catch.

Baked pudding on - fishing

the Hooked large fish we undress

on fillet, but we leave skin. We cut for the portion and slightly we fry (better in a big and deep frying pan). Separately we brown the chopped onions and a root of a celery. We add the flour divorced fish broth or water (to a smetanoobrazny consistence), salt, garlic, pepper, bay leaf, spicy herbs (for example, a chaber whom in our corner of the world there is a lot of).

We bring this sauce to boiling, we give several minutes to be drawn and we fill in with it the fried pieces of fish. From above we stack circles of tomatoes and a lemon. We rake coals of a fire and we put a frying pan and if there is a foil, then it is densely closed by a foil and we fill up coals and from above. Approximately through a quarter of hour we get a frying pan, we strew fish baked pudding with the crushed greens and we keep some more minutes under a cover. Fish in milk

If among other products you took

on fishing the concentrated milk, then I advise on it to prepare simple and very tasty dish which can be eaten as in hot, and cold. Cut any not too fat fish on fillet, roll in in flour and fry in vegetable oil. Lay pieces in a thick-walled pan, fill in with the boiling tinned milk, add couple of chopped bulbs, salt, pepper, sweeten to taste and a potomita on very weak fire (it is better on coals) until sauce thickens. It is possible to use also ordinary milk, but all - with it turns out not so tasty. the Stewed perch with vegetables


, draw, wash out the caught perches. Large fish cut on pieces. Crush onions, garlic, tomatoes, lard, at sweet pepper remove seeds, and chop a fruit ringlets. Peel potatoes, wash and cut thin bars. Greens small cut. Warm vegetable oil and fry fish till golden color, shift in a kettle, add a little water, the made vegetables, spices, fat, salt, pepper and you extinguish in a kettle over a fire of 20-30 min.

Fish on coals

the Cleared, drawn, washed out fish (the pike perch is especially good for this purpose) make an incision

in several places across, salt, rub with spices, fill in with beer and put in tenyok for half an hour. Lay out pieces of fish on a lattice and fry over coals. Before the use sprinkle lemon juice.

the Pike perch fresh-salted

Fish on a fire, of course, is good

. But there are quick fish dishes - for example, a fresh-salted pike perch. It is considered that from a pike perch best of all aspic turns out, but he is very tasty also svezhesoleny.

It is clear, fish it is necessary to cut, clear outside and from within, to cut off the head, a tail, fins, to wash out carefully. But the main thing - to prepare the correct marinade. We do it in advance thus. We dissolve 4 tablespoons of salt, 1,5 tablespoons of sugar in 1,5 l of water, we add bell pepper, a carnation, besides a branch of a chaber.

We boil this mix, we cool and we carry on fishing. Ashore we fill in fish so that marinade completely covered her. In a day the fresh-salted pike perch is ready to the use. As vinegar is not a part of marinade, fish turns out especially gentle, delicate taste. Exclusive snack under a cup 40-degree.

In our corner of the world these recipes of preparation of fish dishes on a fire directly ashore enjoy wide popularity. Try to prepare also you something such.