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The drama “Black Swan“ or Who lives in a silent whirlpool?

do not think that I carp, but whether it seems to you that Darren Aronofsky began to repeat? All right, it had a reputation for the director prolific, but four movies in a decade can hardly be considered as productivity top. From them three pictures (alas, I still did not master “Fountain“ yet) tell a story of the person who got confused in own life and slowly but surely, singing the swan song. It is about dramas “Requiem for Dream“ (Jared Leto), “Wrestler“ (Mickey Rourke) and, actually, ballet thriller “Black Swan“ (Natali Portman).

… On the agenda - new ballet interpretation of “The swan lake“. The director Toma Lerua (Vensan Cassel) whom friends and dancers call just Thomas urgently looks for replacement the prima - to the ballerina Beth Makintayr (Winona Ryder) whom the birdie already age plainly does not allow to flit like. All ballerinas of theater fight for a role of the Main swan, but one will get it only.

The main pretender to so honourable image of the world ballet is the young dancer Nina Sayers (Natali Portman). Technical, methodical and accurate, Ning entirely arranges the director as the White swan where a subtlety and grace above aggressive supply of material. However Thomas wants to bring in statement the highlight therefore he insists that both Swans one ballerina danced. And here Nina has an obvious shortage of sensuality, sex appeal and freedom. Like, does not call Ning of desire to rape her directly on a scene neither at the partner, nor at the audience in the hall. What Toma does not arrange in any way, its “The swan lake“ has to be more frank and carnal.

Poor Ning, trying to become very much desired and to master both images with identical perfection, literally loses the essence and begins to live and breathe the dual character. The situation is complicated by the fact that Thomas specially wrote out from San - Frantsisko the talented ballerina Lily who at any time can take Nina`s place on the poster. Being broken off between mummy who is excessively sponsoring her, work and own fears and doubts, the girl begins to see strange and frightening images while to a premiere of “The swan lake“ there are few days …

Continuing the conversation interrupted with the short description of a plot, we will note that, in fact, “The black swan“ is something between the “Requiem for dream“ half consisting of narcotic nonsense of the main characters and the full socialist realism drama “Wrestler“. In other words, the new movie of Aronofsky is a mix of the thriller and drama with small impregnations of mysticism. Quite expected genre for the director who does not manage to convince an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of the special mission yet.

“The black swan“ is a picture about obsession and its consequences. Obsession in any aspect, good or the evil, always the phenomenon negative. Whether it is possible to blame the fragile girl who in the course of achievement of dream of all the life loses touch with reality? Where this border between genius and madness? And whether there is this side in general? These and many other vital issues that is interesting, only lifts Aronofsky on a surface, but does not hurry to present us answers.

The ballet subject at cinema was never excessively popular. Destiny of ballet pases - parody tapes or historical opuses about life of the remarkable people who had a direct bearing on this sphere art. To shoot the thriller about ballerinas only Aronofsky could dare, and he, undoubtedly, succeeded in it. At least, Americans were in wild delight from a picture, having twice nominated it to the main nominations of “The gold globe“ and “Oscar“. The best the movie of year “The black swan“ did not become, but gave Natali Portman`s chance from the second attempt (after the drama “Proximity“) to take in hands of the gold little man.

With Aronofsky`s actors not so much it was lucky how many he is able to force them to work. If in his hands Mickey Rourke sobs, what to say about gentle essence Portman which to shed a tear - what to spit. Other characters are a match for it: Vensan Cassel shining in the cold indifference and cynicism, the despotic and loving mother performed by Barbara Hersha both self-confident and naughty Mila Kunis. All these characters have several minutes of fame in the movie where they are given chance to prove to be from the best party.

Aronofsky demonstrated that show - business, whether it be the ballet or wrestling (“Wrestler“), is, first of all, business and only then show. What is perfectly confirmed, by the way, by a scene with an okhmureniye of potential sponsors. The poor girl dreaming of glory needs to be turned inside out and to pull out the dark essence (remember “A dark half“ of Stephen King) on this world to be pleasant to the audience which became boring shows. Because there is nothing more terribly for the actor, than oblivion that too in a picture Ryder is obviously emphasized with tragic destiny of the character of Winona. Today you are a favourite of public, and tomorrow the disabled person unnecessary anybody including to.

In the financial plan “Black swan“ unexpectedly became the most successful movie in creative career of the director, having collected on the world more than three hundred million dollars at the budget in thirteen. Aronofsky established to himself very high level in this connection nearly a year cannot already decide on the next project in any way, rushing in embraces of blockbusters (sequel “Glutton 2“), being going to remove a large-scale tape about the Flood. The Hollywood producers with big pleasure would like to involve the director in a bosom of bottoms - culture and big budgets, but that doubts correctness of this direction so far.

“The black swan“ will be pleasant to not everyone and not everyone. Action of the movie develops rather slowly, getting off in psychology, in romanticism. In a picture there is a couple of the ticklish moments which, however, provided to a tape additional public relations. Many went to cinema not behind thrills from the thriller, and to look at how characters Kunis and Portman make love. Top stars very seldom afford so courageous scenes so the agiotage around “A black swan“ is in many respects obliged to a new form of Natali Portman which managed to introduce in a shot at most of eroticism.

Verdict: the strong psychological drama with a fine cast and bright screen images. A peculiar treatment of classical history of “doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde“ in ballet interiors. The only minus of a tape is its some circuity, but it is part of a corporate style of Darren Aronofsky who seeks to ship the viewer in nuances of characters of the characters as much as possible. Anyway, regularity of the first half of the movie with interest pays off the dynamic and extravagant final.