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How to organize a beer party?

If bothered you an annual boring sit-round gathering at a table of the house or at restaurant with indispensable Russian salad, herring under a fur coat and champagne, and at the same time you consider yourself as the big fan and the judge of beer, then you need to organize yourself and friends a beer party!

It is possible to organize it anywhere, whether it be the relevant beer restaurant or cafe with the neutral atmosphere. And it is possible outdoors, in bowling, in a sauna or at home. Everything that will be required to you for this purpose, is a cheerful company, good mood, the sea of beer, enough beer snack and our councils.

For a start think over the menu. From drinks at a holiday there has to be only a beer and soft drinks, otherwise the holiday threatens to turn into a banal booze. In snack be not limited only to croutons, chips and salty fish. Many salads, cheeses, various hot appetizers, shrimps and other seafood, garlick toasts, all sausages perfectly approach beer. If the party is expected thorough - that as the main course can be given pork hough with potato and sauerkraut.

Besides, it is necessary to be engaged in table layout and decoration of an interior. If you spend a holiday at beer restaurant, then there all this will be made for you and if in other place, then it is possible to decorate the hall with balloons in the form of beer mugs or bottles. Tables can be laid cloths and napkins in the Bavarian style - it is white - blue color. In shops there is a set of accessories in the form of beer mugs or glasses. It can be candles, garlands, posters with beer subject.

Clothes style of guests has to be the most free. You should not ryaditsya on a beer party in evening dresses or suits with a butterfly. It is the best of all to come in jeans and some original t-shirt.

Well, and now we will turn to a question, than to be engaged during such holiday? It is possible to think up and pick up the mass of the competitions corresponding to a subject of evening. To arrange, for example, drinking of beer on speed. It is possible to make it a set of ways: and just from a mug, and through a straw or a children`s pacifier and to drink beer, pouring it in shot glasses and saying toasts, or to try to drink a beer bottle without hands!

Also competitions on accuracy will approach. It is possible to throw rings over beer bottles or to try to get a stopper to a mug. For a table sit-round gathering it is worth preparing riddles about names of beer (guessed can receive as a gift beer of the corresponding brand) or to stage a contest in the spirit of “Guess a melody“ (songs, of course, will be devoted to favourite drink). It is also possible to hold a beauty contest among men where they will be to be measured by beer stomachs, to declare the winner the king of a party and to hand it a crown - a cap in the form of a mug with beer.

Such format of a party is suitable for a set of holidays, thus it is possible to celebrate both birthday, and anniversary, and new year, and even (if there is enough courage) a wedding! The beer party will be excellent option for carrying out office parties.

But in principle, the reason for beer expanse is not required, it is rather simple desires to cheerfully spend time and the pleasant company!