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As well as why to praise the child?

we Will talk about a praise. It is extremely important both for the adult, and for the child. But very often parents forget about it, and stint a praise.

And in vain. The more you praise the child, the more motivate him to commission of good affairs. But how it is correct to praise the child that the praise did not develop into arrogance?

The child completely depends on parents, he catches mood of mother and sensitively defines in it notes positive and negative. If mother stints caress and a praise, the child can decide that he is not loved simply.

Imagine, you depend on any person whom you love up to the soul depth. And this person constantly criticizes you and condemns. What first thought will come to your mind? Most likely, you decide that you are not necessary to this person because you are insufficiently good.

And the child, he just does not believe in love of parents who constantly negatively estimate his acts. Even not acts, and him. If in a family the estimated relation prevails, the child gets a serious psychological trauma. He becomes diffident, in advance programs all the actions on failure. The child will constantly compare himself to others and, seeing superiority of other people, to become despondent.

Children - preschool children need to be praised often and exaggeratedly. Be not afraid to implant arrogance in the child, it is necessary to praise for good acts and qualities. A praise and flattery - different things. The last should be afraid.

Not superfluous will be to talk to the child about arrogance. Arrogance - a mortal sin, it is necessary to explain it to the child. He has to understand that the arrogance is opposite to God. The arrogance or arrogance block ways of the person to development. He considers that he reached perfection, and ceases to work on himself. Accustom the child not to estimate yourself in any way - neither it is good, nor it is bad. What we - one God knows.

You praise and criticize not the child, and his acts. Be not limited standard “clear head“, “good fellow“. Tell it what to write at it it turns out now much better. And he began to read much quicker, than last month. You praise the child for his persistence and diligence. These are important personal qualities.

Correct the child`s shortcomings tactfully, ennoble all good in him. Take it as an education basis. If constantly to repeat to the child that he does everything incorrectly, he in general will cease to do something. Nobody will listen to the person who is dissatisfied with everything eternally. And children: they cease to listen to eternally grumbling fathers and mothers.

How to instill in the child vital values? Praise! If the parent praises the child for kindness, diligence, mildness, he automatically gives to the child a reference point. The child will know that such qualities as kindness and humility, play an important role in human life. That without it existence of people is impossible.

How to develop those qualities of which he was deprived by the nature in the child? If your child lacks courage or self-confidence how to help it to develop them? And here we are come to the rescue by a praise again.

If the child too often ozorut, behaves badly, then praise him for the fact that today in kindergarten he behaved very well. Praise the child before the father that today your son was quiet and obedient, and you were proud of him. Let you will a little exaggerate, but it will be pleasant to the child.

And if he and from the father hears kind words, then it will set him thinking of the behavior and to change it.