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Underworld: what does she look like? Travelling notes of

Parade of happy coincidence was constructed in the best way, and according to the fulfilled scheme we from different suburbs arrived to a rendezvous at torgovo - the Gallery hotel complex.

We are we and our daughter who plays roles of the driver and navigator. I left the incomparable Leganza for the whole day on the parking, and on Honda - the Chord we lomanut on the North. Our purpose - Sequoyah Caverns cave in the north of Alabama and Aquariums already in other staff.

“The road to Ravens - Trousers“ is open, and a sin not to tell of it. The highway 59 - the typical route: 2 strips there, 2 - here. The directions are divided where long (into miles) by a concrete barrier where a lawn, wide with a depression in the ground, and often and quite wide coppice. This moment is very picturesque. It seems that came out to the unilateral route, but then strips meet again as “Aragva`s stream and Kura“.

In dangerous places a protection from familiar hire, which - where used for designated purpose. Speed is about 70-80 miles.

On the parties hilly, woody southern spurs of the Appalachians. It only seems that the route of the highway was prepared by the nature. In many places it is dug through hills, and geological layered cuts, horizontal and inclined are visible. In places they are issued by terraces and plastered“ by cement mortar. The highway goes, respectively, smoothly down, smoothly up, very picturesquely.

Already on country (is not worse at all) to the road saw a car - a cemetery. Very touching show: multi-colored old women in a disorder while away a century near the highway, a tall weeds sprouted through a cowl, a rod on each side. The first time I see a picture to nobody the necessary scrap metal here.

But we already drive up to the purpose. The modest office is stylized under the dwelling of natives, reminds the Nenets... On the extensive parking a spacious canopy with a long table for tourist`s groups. The pleasure costs only 11 dollars, and the young man of medium-sized addition conducts us in an underworld.

An entrance between the large natural stones similar to concrete blocks. The light is turned on, and we enter the foyer. It did not happen to happen in mines, but here full comfort: the path with a handrail conducts deep into, everywhere illumination, cool, quietly on each side, is easily breathed. All this in foundation of the high mountain covered with the wood.

A variety of rooms everything accrues - is higher, is lower, with branches in the parties. All these refined architectural gadgets are washed up once by the water flows raging here from which the small stream before an entrance remained. I caught myself that these bizzare natural shapes do not irritate as it was possible to expect, and on the contrary - both calm, and pacify. You have just a rest from straight lines, right angles, strict circles.

Stalagmites, stalactites and their hybrids are richly presented. Water lakes so accurately reflect a ceiling that it seems, stand on an abyss edge. The young man - the guide in some generation - shows the bats living here, lizards and other animals living here in the old days, small small insects.

I asked why such clean air? The cave has several entrances - there was an answer. Standing the young man has shoes as gloves - with fingers, green color. He very with inspiration reports on a detail which is translated to us by the daughter.

There is a wish to add horror films of a type of this cave. Took the breath away from change of heights and pretentiousness of forms. In a point of return of more than kilometer route a bench for rest. On other way back there is a narrow pass on the right in which can creep not everyone with an excessive weight - very entertaining attraction, the completeness test.

The moment when the light is turned off is interesting and there comes utter darkness. Dark thoughts potter about that in such darkness on labyrinths you will not be chosen in this world in any way.

... And at the exit the sun shines. Under a canopy were arranged to have a bite. Between tables the real peacock with the long tail goes, in zagonka the burro and a lamb are grazed. Successful business on a cave it is silent - peacefully prospers from 60th year of the last century. About aquariums - in following prisest.

There is a wish to invite inveterate travelers of ShZh to visit this cave.