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History of planning of a funeral.

Preliminary planning.

Think of the future in advance - make preliminary planning! All your wishes will be considered in the preliminary plan of a funeral or cremation.

What it gives:

o you can discuss a possibility of preliminary planning with relatives. you can be sure by

o that a funeral will be such as you want. you will know

o how many it costs.

o you ensure also to the relatives protection after your death before it happens.

o you care for the insurance when are still live.

o you receive peace of mind and know: when time comes, friends and a family will gather to follow you to the grave and to support each other.

Examine preliminary planning and make your life and life of your relatives is quieter!


Active pensioners Gennady Mikhaylovich and Galina Ivanovna made for themselves a choice. Even the field of retirement Gennady and Galina Ilyashenko live life. Youth passed, but life proceeds. They together have also 50 years no desire to lose each other. They traveled all over the world.

“ We often hire the car, any reservations, and simply we travel on it“, - Galina Ivanovna says. “We receive one more - new - life experience“.

There is one more example. You can see Ilyashenko on a scene and behind the scenes of amateur theater. Gennady Mikhaylovich, the former chemist, after retirement was also fond of a woodworking. Who could think that the simple set of the builder will help it to find this hobby? And Galina Ivanovna helps it with organizational issues.

Though their hobby and active recreation, do not allow them to relax, Gennady and Galina told that they always have time for children. They rejoice, seeing as their two sons grew up in mature and handsome men. And they already have own families which were presented to Galina and Gennady by five grandsons.

“ I think, the biggest pleasure of our life are our children and the fact that they are our great friends“, - Galina says. “When your children become your friends, know, you correctly brought up them“

Though it is yet not the end of life and a lot of things should be made and tried, Gennady began to think of the organization of the final wish and of planning of a funeral. Ilyashenko could be already convinced as far as with preliminary planning everything is simpler to organize on the example of the parents who once used this service.

“They fine facilitated to all of us life because it is not necessary to deal with acquisition of sites, purchase of a coffin“, - Galina says. “We should not settle all details immediately. It was solved for us and much more everything simplifies. On a funeral it was easier for us“ than

Gennady considers that responsible parents use preliminary planning.

“ For me if you care for your family, is the correct way, you want to be convinced that all will be good. You always want to be convinced that everything conceived until the end of life is executed. “If you have an opportunity to think in advance, so why not to make it? The family should not worry about financial and organizational issues then“.

Galina added that she came to the decision in advance to plan, thinking most of all of the children, seeking to give them the love and support when they most of all need it.

“Loss of parents - it is very heavy and I think that planning - a gift which we can give to the children to help them in these difficult moments“, - she says. “It does them free to pass grief time. I think that it is very important“

“Existence of this type of service means that you paid for tranquility. Though life goes on, it is also possible to make a lot more good cases“.

“A family was the main reason to plan in advance our death“, - Gennady is not afraid to admit that it had also personal reasons.

“Is a gift for children, but it is also a gift and for itself that your funeral took place exactly as you want“

Many people do not attach special significance to idea of planning of a funeral. However during creation and coordination of the list not everything is so simple.

“ you know that has to be made, you say to yourself that you need to make it, but you do not know what to begin with“, - Gennady says. during travel and family rest Galina found

time for a call to the consultant to request additional information on preliminary planning. Ilyashenko made to a family an appointment with the local adviser of preliminary planning who discussed with them all actions.

“ We had to invite the consultant to our house and make the document on planning“.“ It provided to

materials and answered all our questions and wishes“ “By means of the agent we carried out a lot of work and made all necessary to meet our desires“.

Performance of all details very much concerned Galina and Gennady therefore they concentrated on drawing up the list of services which - as they hope - will help a family and friends. Planning and the corresponding service is of great importance for Gennady, especially because it is urged to help relatives to feel end of his life.

“ If you can leave with feeling that the exclamation mark at the end of the offer is put, I think that this most important“, - Galina Ivanovna says. “Something tells it about the person. It something personal“.

Thus, family is able to control cost and to choose the plan of payments which in the best way corresponds to their expenses. Gennady says that the choice was simple and logical from the point of view of economy.

“ Existence of this type of service means that you already paid what will be then “, - he says. “Even if yours life goes on, all cost is already covered, and, actually, it makes sense. “

Documents are processed therefore Gennady and Galina feel free and lead active life, without fearing the future. Shortly after they stopped making out the preliminary arrangement, Galina got sick.

“ It would be pleasant to me to know that if something happens to me, then will take care of me“, - she says.

Gennady: “To me it is quiet from the fact that anyway preliminary planning and accumulative financing will be only plus for a family“.

Now at Ilyashenko there is not a lot of time to think of preliminary planning and accumulative financing of a funeral. They finished process quickly and know that their family will not be burdened with financial expenses. Galina and Gennady are busy with planning of the following trip, preparation for the next performance and communication with five grandsons now to think also of it. They are ready to derive from life pleasure for a long time.