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With what qualities chiansaws differ?

Any production are subdivided into the professional and amateur tool.

did not become an exception and chiansaws therefore in the beginning it is necessary to define the prime purpose of purchase of the unit.

If you plan to give small loading to the tool with big breaks in work, then it is better to buy the chiansaw of rather low power. It has small weight more conveniently in use. And vice versa: if the tool constantly works, then it is better to acquire the professional equipment, it is calculated on long operation in very severe conditions.

That it was more clear, we will divide the most high-quality, Japanese chiansaws into groups depending on their characteristics and scope of application:

Chiansaws of low power. Usually it is no more than 1,7 kW weighing about 4 kg. It is the most suitable option for cutting of bars or preparation of firewood.

Chiansaws of average power. Are very widely applied in the course of repair and construction works, at the small logging enterprises and, of course, when carrying out various works on improvement of the city. They are considered as the best choice for preparation of knots. Such units have a capacity no more than 2,6 kW about 5 kg weigh.

Chiansaws of big power. This tool is intended for work in difficult conditions, it is capable to sustain the maximum loads. Such qualities are usually necessary for wood rolls. Power of these chiansaws is up to 4,5 kW, and weight - to 6,5 kg.

Irrespective of the fact which the chiansaw will be chosen by you, it is possible not to doubt that you got really high-quality and reliable tool. The Japanese chiansaws are famous for very high quality of assembly, rather reliable accessories and have big service life.

Besides, both the professional, and amateur tool is equipped with additional systems which are urged to facilitate its application. In particular, on the equipment of the Japanese producers the systems promoting fast launch of the engine, system of decrease in return and vibroclearing are installed. Also chiansaws are supplied with special protective mechanisms which steadily provide their injury prevention and allow to use with big pleasure this tool in any, even the most inconceivable situations.

The most valuable advice at choice chiansaws:

Upon purchase surely pay the attention to what class the tool necessary to you and what characteristics necessary for you belongs, it has;

For house application the best choice saws of low power will be span>. You should not buy the professional chiansaw for rolls of several trees on your site. You will just spend money in vain;

Chiansaws with a bigger power should be bought if their continuous use, for example, for big logging works is planned;

Surely look at tire length. In this case it is necessary to choose very attentively the tire for a certain chiansaw, in view of tool length. Otherwise the engine of the chiansaw will work in unacceptable conditions, will quickly fail or will just wear out.

Huge value has also a step of the chosen chain. Professionals always advise to choose chiansaws with a chain step 3/8 or 0,404 inches - they will provide the excellent productivity and rather small vibrations in operating time.

Good choice!