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The Russian WikiLeaks - 1. Unpublished sensations of

Lokh Magazine and Reyder news agency continue the sensational publication of the materials collected in Kremlin-connected kitchen. From them you learn the facts, events and comments which did not get to the main tapes of news agencies. Information sources - the waiters serving during high receptions. And, as we know, waiters unlike politicians and journalists never lie.

“In the interview given recently by the President D. Medvedev to the Voice of Vatican magazine there was also such paragraph, unpublished for the unclear reasons:

Correspondent: How you estimate the fact that in Russia elections are actually cancelled?

President: It is a lie. We with the Prime minister - the minister somebody choose just every day and then we appoint. And, there is always hot debate, arguments of pros and cons are given. Thus, we introduce basic principles of democracy in our country from the top. It is possible for me still to tea?“.

“During a meeting of the Group of Eight in Tokyo, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov told the Japanese ambassador that for Russia the Kuril Islands are a suitcase without handle. Both it is heavy to bear and it is a pity to throw. On a question of the ambassador: Whether “It is impossible to repair a suitcase or, maybe, to sell it to the one who is capable to repair“ the Russian foreign minister heaved a deep sigh, answered nothing, pointed by eyes to the President and continued to drink Kok - Coca“.

“The Minister of Finance Kudrin at the summit in St. Petersburg puzzled in a lobby of the summit of all being there. He declared that shortly Russia will declare ruble the leading world currency. In the minister`s hands there was a big half-full glass of White Horse whisky at this time.

“During conducting exercises on one of grounds of the Orenburg region, the Minister of Defence Serdyukov asked the officers surrounding it in what party there is Kazakhstan and asked not to shoot there. Then served a fried pig, shot champagne and shouted “Ur“ to the minister three times“.

“The prime minister is the minister Putin at a meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton everything is blabbed out who will be the following President of Russia. He told that he with pleasure will close the Olympic Games in Sochi at a ceremony in 2014. On what the Secretary of State did not sustain etiquette and bit that for a start it would be quite good to open them. Also drank to the next reset rossiysko - the American relations“.

“On the banquet which took place after a meeting of executive committee of ER in Volgograd, the famous Russian intelligence agent Anna Chapmen admitted that if it was not exposed, then on the place of the maid who accused the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund of rape there would be she. Also would execute a task much more professionally. Members of executive committee lifted a toast for professionals of the Russian intelligence“.