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Whose thoughts you think?

Passed some more years - and I ceased to read - at first works. To get experience - of course, I re-read things which touched me, or of the art value of which I was sure also without introductory articles. to

Later - I ceased to read also vstrupitelny articles.


Not because I graduated from the institute))) - ceased to read (to read opinions on authors, but not authors) I earlier.

When thought of a question - so whose thoughts I think?

I open introductory article - and I see the signature “professor such - that, the dean, the literary critic... whether“

Is the person who read hundreds of books and protected doctor`s - that loud-hailer of ideas to which it is worth listening?

When you agree with someone`s opinion in any occasion - you think that you agree with the facts which this person reads.

But whether you are sure of its objectivity and competence?

The following phrase became already real legend.

“Statistically the main reason of human death - cucumbers. All who ate them - died“.

And you when you throw the main portion of the facts in the brain - whether are sure you that these facts to you are presented not by such here fan of statistics who thought of cucumbers and mortality?

Especially, - ESPECIALLY, - if as the facts is presented to you someone`s opinion.

You are sure that the opinion “statistics“ should be trusted - and to base the subsequent logical designs which you, anyway, will construct in the head on his opinion???

At least doctors and cooks would hardly agree with this supernumerary.

By the way, one more question.

As you think - in what the person who is actively writing articles is good? (I suggest to take that option when articles are good - we do not read others? :))

you are sure that in medicine? Or in cookery?

I what this person rather well understands communication between cucumbers and mortality?

I write - and I understand that I write common truths.

“Information source not just has to be - it has to be RELIABLE!!!“

learned Not so long ago that there is even a specialty such at universities - “information sources“. People at institutes study to learn to distinguish reliable sources from doubtful - new realities, new requirements. It is not simple to obtain information any more it is necessary - it is necessary to be able to filter it.

And let we do not study at university on this specialty - but it does not mean at all that we are able to afford to litter brains with someone`s “opinions“, “thoughts apropos“ and td.

Differently arises a question - so whose you life live? Yours - or that person who for you “thinks“? Or that it is even worse, - you just live the next “statistical template“ put in your head by “statisticians“?

And finally - look in a window of laying of your browser.

you received mailing - and for certain opened at least a couple of articles from mailing. you are sure by

I of reliability of information which you are going to push in the head???

The item C.

I even if you agree with me. Shake

by the head to vytrusit from it tens of words put there just, weighty and not really arguments, an umopostroyeniye both td and td and td and td.... Look at

in a window. Stretch, to a poprisedayta - yes though make a wheel, - distract. Again look at

on the name of article, run it eyes...

So whose thoughts you think?