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The bicycle with Cardan? No, we do not rave …

I Was puzzled with purchase of the bicycle here … It only at first sight everything is simple: went - bought. And if thoughtfully to approach, then everything is not so unambiguous. For example, whether you know that there are bicycles not with a habitual chain, and with … cardan transfer? Most likely, what is not present, therefore I will stop on these iron horses.

You think, this some innovation? No. As they say, “all new is well forgotten old“. Bicycles with Cardan, but not a chain appeared in the 19th century, were produced since 1910, for example, in the USA by automobile factory Pierce Arrow Automobile in lots. On them it was won several international cycle races, and some time they dominated over chain bicycles. In Europe it was also not exotic, cycle divisions of Germans in World War II were armed with bicycles which most part was cardan. They were issued at the beginning of the century and in Russia.

Having remembered all this and the trophy German cardan grandfather`s bicycle with the swastika which is carefully rolled up by an insulating tape on a forward fork which, as a matter of fact, I also learned to ride, decided to buy such. With Cardan instead of a chain. But not here - that was … It turned out that the vast majority of sellers of iron horses prefers not to know about their existence. But, eventually, after two-week searches everything is found and bought.

Why I needed Cardan, but not a chain, you ask? And everything is very simple, here of the reason , induced to stop on this drive:

Clearance . That is the lowermost point of the bicycle over the road. At cardan it is big there is no asterisk, is not present and the design hanging on a back wheel from asterisks has less and there is no chain. So, passability there is nothing to cling to hummocks and borders above, respectively.

Integrity of clothes . In the childhood I killed many trousers, having reeled up a bottom of the right trouser-leg on an asterisk. It is treated by selection of trousers, or rolling of one trouser-leg, but there is no wish to be engaged in it something. In the cardan bicycle there is no asterisk on which it is possible to reel up something, respectively, both are dressed, and went. Conveniently.

Simplicity of a design . Cardan transfer very simple, many times is less, than at chain, the moving elements. As a result - it is significantly more reliable.

Durability . I not for nothing told in the beginning articles about the grandfather`s bicycle of 1939 of release which did not go to scrap metal to this day.

At least need of adjustment and service . The first intervention in this system will be required thousands through the 30th run. In difference from chain bicycles, the asking services, adjustments and greasing rather often.

Security of transmission from a grass, water, sand and dirt - a scourge of all chain velik.

Exact work and balance of a back suspension bracket in view of lack of a large number of the moving elements.

the Geometry of a back suspension bracket remains to invariable at all modes , and it is one more argument in favor of bigger reliability. To be fair should tell

that this drive has also some shortcomings :

Bigger weight . On 1 - 3 kg. As far as it is important, I do not know, at my 100 kg, a plus-minus two, it somehow not essentially.

in case of breakage (though I cannot even assume that it is necessary to make that to break it) it will not manage to be repaired “on a knee“ - only service .

Loss of power in 3% in comparison with chain transfer with other things being equal. In my opinion, it can be basic only if you participate in races, in other cases the difference will not be noticeable.

the Smaller number of transfers (7 or 8) in comparison with chain bicycles (24 - 27) similar price categories. So if there is a severe need to go by bicycle to mountains or along a route Moscow - Beijing - Moscow, then it is, most likely, not your equipment.

That is turns out that except for the extreme modes of operation where reliability is not important, and some certain characteristics are important, cardan bicycles it is significantly more preferable chain. In other words, the city, the dacha, easy off road terrain - Cardan the undisputed leader.

P. S. By the way, there is an opinion, and not only mine that cardan bicycles so are issued a little and are very rare because they are simply unprofitable to the producer. Because let out once, they serve so long that the manufacturer, in fact, loses the client as it through a two-three of years to it for the next two-wheeled horse does not come …