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Who prevents us to earn money on the Internet?

On the Internet rotate very big streams of money. And they can be earned, without leaving the house. No, of course, it is possible and it is necessary to leave, it is necessary to spend the earned money. And so, the fact with which only the latest pessimist can challenge today remains the fact. Money on the Internet can be earned. Today more and more people try to do it, hoping, just knocking on the keyboard and working with a mouse, to receive. it is a lot of money.

But for some reason cash flows go to other courses.

As you think what disturbs?

Probably, guessed, it you. Yes. yes. You are.

It is your conjectures, or delusions. Your progress or omissions. Here about such basic things, I want to talk today. Perhaps, to someone it will help to receive the money on the Internet

- We look for the magic button.

On the Internet there is no such button “Freebie“ or “Here Nicheynenky Money Is Stored“ do not hope, it is absent and was not. And if you find, then you leave this resource rather not to lose the last kopeks. There are resources bringing small money. And they demand a lot of time. There it is necessary to work. And to earn on “to spend“, you really should not leave the house. But the beginning, is the most labor-intensive stage. But … all the same it is experience, it investments of your efforts, your time. Then will go easier. Much easier. Knowledge, ideas will come, offers - only manage to advance.

- - - Compulsory education, development, studying.

I speak not about receiving degree of the master, and about the personal self-development and self-knowledge. Without it anywhere! You will be self-assured, everything will be realized. It is checked! When that I thought that only the elite knowing, developed people can have the website. But, as you can see and I have a website, and not one. But it is necessary to tell I worked and I work constantly on myself. Constantly I study also myself and into which business plunged. At this stage Kiosaki`s books very strongly help. Or very much I liked Sergey Azimov`s book “How to earn money“ the Most interesting book. Good pendel gives to work.

- - - You do not set specific goals

Very often, it is even possible to tell always when the person comes to the Internet and hammers into search engine “earnings search“, it does not set a specific goal. And how many he waits? The ultimate goal depends on it. If you speak to yourself. though it is a little. I do not know as well as where …. I will try …., and you will try and look for. Try to remember - “results adapt to your purposes“ It as water which is poured from one capacity in another. Only the capacity form changes. Water in a bucket is poured, it also takes the bucket form if in a jug, then respectively takes the jug form … And what you will substitute a jug to yourself, there and there will be contents. Surely define for yourself that money which you want to receive, and you will be pleasantly surprised, having seen how to change your approach to searches, and to business. It is checked! - Works!

- - To think - think, but do much more.

Or otherwise it is possible to tell. be not afraid of the intentions.

can be written “Good luck“ Here.

Do not reflect too long on how quicker as better, will go or not. Such reflections lead to inaction. The road will be mastered by going. This saying is familiar to you. Start, do, you look, estimate results and draw conclusions. Then do again. The most important results are achieved only by action. Reflections, without any results are useless. It is necessary to reflect when there are results, how to improve a result. For now you do not have those, only action!

generally, just dare, be not afraid, and fruits of your actions will not keep themselves waiting long.

- - Do not look for guilty persons.

If you accept idea, “except you nobody in is guilty“, then you will begin to receive worthy results. you Will deny

? Let`s think logically. You cannot influence that not you that out of you. You cannot? No, you cannot. Further. You can correct, analyze, generally, to influence only yourself and the actions. You will change the reason - also consequences will change. And the reason it you and anybody except you. “Elementary Watson“ I consider

Ya that it is the main braking moments, on the way to money on the Internet. Of course there are a lot more motives and factors which detain your movement.

Maybe you have some thoughts about it. Correct me, state the reflections.