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Whether my puppy is healthy?

So, you got a dog. If it not the first animal in your house and you already quite skilled owner - questions do not arise. But if it not so? How to understand whether your puppy is happy, whether it is full and healthy in general?

First of all, it is necessary to get acquainted with the dog - to study her character, preferences, her temperament and mood peculiar to it, that is to understand what state for it normal.

Any considerable aberration can say that with a puppy something not as it should be. Together with it there are also general signs characteristic of all dogs: the happy puppy wags a tail, joyfully barks, it is sociable, it shines eyes, he caresses and favourably holds up the stomach for rippling.

On own supervision, I want to notice that the healthy dog has to react to all external irritants, whether it be sounds, smells or any movements, important for it.

I will give an example: when my dog was still a puppy, at her for a week the diarrhea and vomiting alternated. At the same time she was active and well ate. For the fifth day all of us sounded the alarm - called the veterinarian. That, having listened to symptoms, directly by phone made the diagnosis: right viral enteritis.

Not to describe words what our state was while we waited for the doctor. The puppy at this time all the time lay on a cold floor and did not admit to himself anybody. When the doctor, at last, arrived, to be exact, rang out in the on-door speakerphone, there was a miracle

the Dog recovered, began to run, frolic and rejoice to the guest. Naturally, no enteritis, thank God, existed, just the puppy had intoxication because of regular poisoning with own excrement and bad mood as we already understood then. Knowing it, we would save both money, and the most important, the nerves. Though, the insurance too never disturbs.

A dog always not against to eat. If she suddenly refuses food, but the diarrhea or vomiting at the same time are absent, it can mean that:

1. Food which you offer, tasteless and/or low-quality;

2. Your dog wants to eat at first pieces more tasty, those that in your plate, and then already the lunch;

3. She decided suit herself a fasting day as was tired to listen what it is thick;

4. She endures a stress concerning your absence;

5. Just someone well fed her and it is necessary to wait for minutes 15 that everything settled.

Normal body temperature of a dog 37,8-38,5, a nose always cold and damp, but during a dream and the first minutes of awakening it can be hot and dry, it is absolutely normal.

The dog about 20 hours a day sleeps if she has no affairs. It should have no rash on a body if there is no allergy to a forage or cosmetics which you use. It is also necessary to pay attention to pochesyvaniye - animals can scratch generally, but if the dog is regularly disturbed by the same place, it is worth making sure whether there is no rash there or a tick.

Here only some of numerous signs which will tell about health of your pet. Always trace mood swings of your puppy. Only attentive and sensitive control is guarantee of excellent health, the disease at an initial stage will much easier respond to treatment, than on started.

And careful leaving and love in general work wonders.