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How to create the theory of plot? The laser on eyes of

That now the most actual? Perhaps, pilots and lasers. Unexpectedly it became clear that the main threat of air flights not terrorists or ducks, and laser pointers. Suddenly, from nowhere, there were crowds of hooligans covered by cheap Chinese pointers that on 30 rubles in a stall near the house (it is interesting whether sellers will raise the prices?). But you will not believe how many years all were silent about this threat.

The first case of dazzle occurred... Well, when, you think? In 2010? In 2000? No! In April, 1997. The officer of intelligence of the USA lieutenant Jack Daly (Jack Daly) and the pilot of the helicopter of the Canadian Air Force were blinded by the laser with (attention!) the Russian merchant ship which allegedly spied on the nuclear submarine in Juan De Fouc`s passage on border between Canada and the USA. The Russian vessel carries the name “Captain Mang“ and has a quite good track record even with 80 - x years of the last century.

The staff of CIA on it did not find the laser equipment. Moreover, the Pentagon recognized later what cannot be established that someone from a board of the vessel shone with the laser in the helicopter. And similar are not able to spy on the submarine of court to “Captain Mang“. And the most interesting concerns two victims. It became clear that nobody treated the lieutenant and the pilot, did not check an eye, and in general from where the conclusion about impact of the laser on eyes - unclear undertook. But Times and other newspapers already began to write about “laser terrorists“. 14 years later the wave came also to the Russian mass media.

The theory of plot is based on the question “To Whom It Is Favourable?“. To answer this question, it is necessary to set another - what to do? Time the manual laser constitutes such danger, it is necessary to replace a windshield of a cabin of pilots with special glass, anti-laser. Present how many such glass is necessary for a covering of cabins of all aircraft! And why, actually, only cabins? The laser causes not only a short-term blindness (and if does not carry, then and long-term - up to a constant!) . There is still an effect of madness - a brain, having gone blind, loses control, and the passenger can do what too. Perfectly, we order even more anti-laser covering!

But planes - there is more to come. It is possible to blind the driver of the huge truck, several blondes on Ford Focuses on MKAD, the motorman of the tram, the driver of the train... Blind firefighters and rescuers, teachers and football players. All of us are the victims of laser maniacs!

Thus, we have an obvious threat for the inhabitant and obvious financial benefit for certain mysterious corporations - producers of anti-laser protection. And the most interesting - if to type into search engine anti - laser glasses, then we will receive producers only from one country - China! Here what cunning plan was born in the People`s Republic of China in 90 - e: to fill the whole world with laser pointers, to wait for emergence of hundreds of thousands of malchishy - the bad boys highlighting the laser aircraft, and then to rake in the money on orders on replacement of glasses in vehicles on a wave of hysteria and panic in mass media! Good fellows Chinese industrialists!

Besides financial side, there is also political. Laser pointers give a remarkable way to get rid of applicants for the power (a throne, world supremacy etc.) . The pointer in a pocket lies? Terrorist! Planned to shoot down the plane. That is it is possible to put or, at least, to discredit any person! Why to throw the weapon and drugs? Why to enclose juvenile prostitutes in a bed to politicians? The usual laser pointer will approach.

It is at the same time easily possible to strengthen atomization of society. There is enough couple of plots how the neighbour`s boy “shot“ the laser on the plane, and that broke (all plane crashes can be written off for laser hooliganism now). As result, in neighbors you will see the terrorists dreaming to bring down your flight upon return from Turkey (out of envy, for example).

The most interesting that all these 14 years we lived and did not know about threat. There is no lethal case, there is no crowd of the gone blind pilots and drivers. There are only headings of newspapers...