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Entering adulthood...

Hello, dear readers! My name is Nina. I very much like to read stories which set thinking and draw conclusions. But today itself decided to tell you that which very strongly changed my life …

this year I finish training at boarding school and as at the ordinary school student, my life is crowded with educational everyday life and thoughts of the future … What to do to me? Where to arrive? What profession to choose? And the most interesting question: How to find self-confidence and to achieve respect in new collective? How to become the leader?

Such questions interest practically all my schoolmates. And each of us answers them in own way. In a boarding school the microclimate, all know each other. And graduated from school and you leave to absolutely other world. There all another, unfamiliar, interesting. To you doors in life open, you crash out ““ of which you dreamed, and what`s next? It is difficult not to be lost on “freedom“, not to break under pressure of world around and a flow of absolutely new information, but the most difficult - to survive in new conditions - where you are not brought by all “on a silver platter“, and it is necessary to achieve everything most. Came it is time to become strong, self-assured etc. As to it to learn

? - you ask. It is necessary to get leadership skills. I lacked it also. There is a wish to be the leader, but plainly and you do not realize as it and that for this purpose is necessary.

Once I learned that besides the school program there are a lot more interesting projects which organize charity foundations for the children studying in boarding schools.

One of such projects organized charity foundation of the Edinstvennaya magazine. It was called “Leader break“ about which I actually also want to tell. The purpose of such projects - social adaptation of children from boarding schools to the outside world and adulthood. The main objective of “Leader break“ - to open the internal potential, leader abilities of each of us and to teach us to work in team.

I learned about its carrying out from children who went there. And after a while teachers suggested also me to take part in it.

Leader? And who it? Word not difficult and very clear. But how it to become? Here in what a question!

I was interested in the name of the program, I did not know, than there are engaged.

“Leader break“ was carried out in the recreation camp “Vodogray“ in the Carpathians. We were lodged in rooms, and next day we began school days. On occupations checked our homework. (It was necessary to hold for a certain number of days event for children, having organized at the same time team which will help you with everything.) And in the same time to us pointed to our mistakes and told how they need to be corrected. And after check of homework we began to learn to form teams not only of people familiar to us, but with children from other cities.

Occupations took place in a type of lectures, games, tasks, campaigns. All knowledge which we gained there gradually changed our outlook. We had an opportunity to organize charity events: a community work day, clarification of reservoirs or creation of clubs on interests. We were learned to listen and hear nature music, to see uniqueness of the world which surrounds us, to notice noble and worthy acts of each of us, to find and correct the shortcomings, and, above all - to turn them into advantages. But the most important is the fact that in us cultivated humanity! We learned that it “the healthy competition“. To compete, going “on corpses“ - it means to envy, but out of envy meanness, and will grow from it - the evil. Therefore it is impossible to construct happiness on destruction! We learned to become leaders, despite difficulties. At the same time, without humiliating and without offending others, solved problems together, consulting with each other. We tried to hear each other. It is very important for each person who wants to achieve success in life. As our lecturer, Shut Nikolay Nikolaevich spoke: “LEADERSHIP is a situation, but not a lifelong award“.

For the leader the main thing - respect of surrounding people, the team, and it needs to be deserved! It is heavy, but to hold - even more difficult.

You know, this project so changed my life, my character, my view of the events that I sometimes just do not recognize myself. When you see around yourself so much information, necessary, useful and important for all people, so there is a wish to inform of it everyone. There is a wish to share that knowledge which you gained, to show to the younger generation all need of ability to be on friendly terms, cooperate and to find a common language with different types of people.

And we will have such opportunity on the third module where we will tell new participants of the project what was understood, learned, we will share mistakes and to draw from them conclusions. I already look forward to the following module to learn even more useful things and to receive skills of life in such difficult modern world.