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Owner or slave? A confession of the owner of a Yorkshire terrier of

Few years ago the next fashionable trend - a Yorkshire terrier came to our country. Indifferent to this breed is not present - them or madly love, or hate. I always disliked dogs - shaggy, angry, badly smelling. And here one fine day predo me it appeared (or it) - a Yorkshire terrier in all beauty. His imperious, royal look with which he presented people around subdued me at first sight.

On so crucial decision - to get a dog, at me 9 months (quite symbolical term) left. During this time I managed to read different literature on training, feeding, to leaving, and also sentimental stories of happy owners of a Yorkshire terrier. The last months before taking away a dog from the manufacturer, were the heaviest - there was a wish to get somewhat quicker her, to begin to look after her, to train, play. Some emptiness of the house was felt - as though its any part is not enough. It was especially sick to look at the stove bench which is still not occupied by nobody - it was bought, naturally, in advance.

And here, at last, happy day came. I was ready to everything - to the cries of puppies which are tearing apart soul, the unfortunate mother fighting for the children, to tears and wet pools. I waited for the unique puppy who will see me, will stretch and will become my most loyal friend. But everything appeared absolutely not so … Instead of one me all three puppies, and any recommendations joyfully met, type to jingle the keys or to look who the first will begin to wag a tail, were not necessary. Chose quite simply - the girl more largely.

I cannot tell what my Greta (so we called a doggie), so endured concerning moving. In a couple of minutes, in the car, she began to look round on the parties, to sniff and climb where it is only possible. She came into the apartment already thriftily, previously having sniffed at all corners, and at once noted the place for a toilet which still it and is.

First it was the sweetest creation, the such hairy little man who is standing on hinder legs and who is cheerfully wagging a tail. Obedient, attentive, patient and unostentatious. First … By four months a joy, i.e. through two after she lodged at us, the lovely girl gradually began to turn into the lovely monster. Took in head to comb me? And I on a carpet will pee! You do not share food? And I from a mouth will pull out! Decided to punish? And I to you will bite legs!!! You do not go to bed? I will resort and bark until you lay down!

Over time she understood with whom and how to behave who as can revenge. For example, if I worried concerning pools on a carpet, they became directly before me, with demonstrative “Gav!“. She also knew that to scratch claws my head at night is not effective at all, I all the same will not get up, but with mother this focus went off with a bang. In a night to it about 5 - 6 times - behind a stone, behind crouton were necessary to rise, to pour water. A special inconvenience was given by her impetuous love to green stones which here though rasshibis, but find at 2 o`clock in the morning!

Once I heard that the dog plaintively groans. The terrible thought flew in the head: “Dies …“. In a trice having jumped, ran on a sound and saw such picture: the puppy sits and aches on the edge of a table - it appears, we decided to conquer new peak! For us was a riddle why it began to spend more and more time in kitchen until huge shortage of croutons and steering-wheels from a vase was found. Behind them Greta also climbed on a table.

Especially amusing case was one night. All family already went to bed, I dozed. Suddenly I felt that someone it is silent - quietly goes on my bed, approaches the head, sniffs and suddenly begins to pull out a paw from an earplug ear (sound insulation for ears from bark). Without moving and without opening eyes, I ask: “Than I can help?“. The puppy is frightened, a bullet runs away in the stove bench, lays down and pretends that sleeps for a long time, and on the question “It that It?“ puzzly raises the head, as if speaking: “And I that? I sleep … long ago“. I want to notice that earplugs were her second passion after green stones.

Every day the puppy became more exacting and more impudent. Greta could walk on the hostess, to bite her that did not prevent to be engaged in affairs, to get to her into a plate. Daily, on an hour she rushed on the apartment and barked just like that - probably, developed vocal chords. All this from a lack of education, will be told by you? Naturally! Take the inexperienced owner who did not keep a dog on hands in life, add skillful manipulations and ingenuity of a puppy, add beauty and a charm of a Yorkshire terrier - and here you receive the happy dog who is impudently riding a neck at the owner. Also do not forget for a dessert lack of a consent in education methods - without it in any way.

Whether I complain? Most likely, no. I brought up exactly as could, and I suspect as I wanted. This summer it will execute four years. For the last half a year she matured, became wiser, quieter. Barks now only at neighbors and unclear sounds, rushes on a mop. Watches that the lunch did not burn slightly, calls to phone. In the mornings awakes for work, and in due time. However, still demands a stone, but now only when they are. In the mornings licks, substitutes puziko for rippling. Sometimes even shares crouton.

The owner I or the slave to the Yorkshire terrier, I do not know. Likely, we have with it partnership - you respect my interests, and I respect yours. A step to the left, a step to the right - war. But if to observe others borders, then life not only tolerant, but also quite happy. The doggie in the house whatever it harmful was is always pleasure.