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we break stereotypes of

In our society about football players there was an opinion, very not pleasant for them. Football players are considered not as educated, silly people. I often hear expression from people: “They are not able to work the heads therefore earn by legs.“ “Fuel to the fire“ is added also by the fact that many stars of soccer become also advertizing stars. For example, David Beckham acted in advertizing of man`s underwear of Armani firm, and Krishtiano Ronaldo acted corporate advertizing of “Nike“. Advertizing campaigns “entice“ football players into the videos very often. On the “blue screens“ we repeatedly saw not only Ronaldo and Beckham, but also Messi, Zidane and even Raul. And we perceive them not as the clever, reached much people and as standards of beautiful bodies.

According to many, I would even tell, according to the majority, the football player is the heap of muscles able to drive quickly a ball across the field. And many of them outstanding persons.

For example, David Beckham before becoming the football player, especially for it studied at football school of Bobbie Chalton in Manchester. However, it proceeded absolutely not long. In 16 years his football career in the junior Manchester United team began. Now David is a man of means, the husband of one of the sexiest women of the world and the father of three sons - in my opinion, very settled personality.

Or we will take, for example, Zinedine Zidane. It grew in quite poor family. To help parents still, being a fourteen-year-old boy, Zidane signed the first contract and so began the career of the football player in Cannes club. Now he, as well as Beckham is a husband and the father and at the same time the full-fledged person.

Whether many can brag of such biography?...

The majority of those whom we call football players began the career still, being juveniles though we live in a century when all persons who did not reach 18 - ti years, are called children and their most part consider “not capable“. Many teenagers do not even know what is independent life and what is most to be earned. They “shift all blame“ on education, saying that it takes away from them a lot of time and forces and create stereotypes that it is easier to work legs, but not the head. Actually working as the football player it is necessary to have much more, than strong legs. The player in soccer has to be played with other players, attentive, sharp, fast and dexterous. Football players need to know many combinations and for each game for them develop certain strategies which football players have to understand and play according to them. And all this at huge emission of adrenaline and under views in one thousand people …

Let`s break stereotypes! Football players need to be considered talented and in some measure as gifted people, they strong both morally, and physically. These are one of those people who try to obtain welfare and success in life the commitment and devotion to business. Them it is necessary is proud and to encourage them, but not to “stick around“ any ridiculous stereotypes.