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What needs to be made for realization of the purposes?

From what we can derive strength for realization of the purposes? What is necessary for us not to get stuck halfway to top?

In - the first, we should be exempted from all old stuff which will overturn us back sooner or later if we drag it as a backpack behind the back. Therefore rummage around on attics and cellars of the I and pull out in this world from - under a dust layer all the limiting beliefs, views, qualities, habits. They imperceptibly appeared in our life and if it is noticeable, then, most likely, you about it forgot. The loving parents, tutors in kindergarten, teachers at school and further according to the list …, and also our favourite radio and television awarded us with a set of “useful“ stereotypes which safely live - live in our consciousness, and we so already got used to them that we do not even realize their existence.

In - the second, examine the life: that inside - that and outside. If there is not enough money, means your beliefs about impossibility, wealth nekhoroshest - here. It is similarly possible to analyse also other areas of life. We are products of society in which grew and we live.

And what in us is inspired surrounding us? Here it is impossible - it will be sick, you will make something not as all - you are bad. And in desire to be good for parents, people, significant for us, we become such as it is necessary as it is accepted, forgetting about the true talents, opportunities and sincere manifestations of our soul. As the majority - gray, as asphalt.

Gradually our beliefs sprout in our habits. A habit to go to unloved work, without attempts to change something, a habit after work to lie on a sofa, to drink beer or to conduct an idle talk with the girlfriend, a habit to postpone everything for later. And to go down stream day by day. But, as they say, under a lying stone even the 72nd port does not flow. Working with habitual methods, we will receive the same result.

So, we collect all the “habits helping to live joyfully and happily“, qualities, beliefs, thinking stereotypes, we remove, we remove from - under a mold of drowsiness and time, we put in a big box. All collected? We put in a box (mentally), we tie it, we write on it the inscription “Look Later“ and we send it, for example, to an ocean floor. It will be necessary - you will get! Never late to return to the case!

And now on a vacant place we place new, opposite qualities, habits, outlooks on life - they - that and will be those internal resources without which any advance is impossible. As A. Einstein spoke: “ Cannot solve a problem at the same level at which it arose. It is necessary to become above this problem, having risen by the following level “. To change what is not pleasant to you, that there is a wish it is necessary to become the person corresponding to the fact that there is a wish. It is improbable that badly washed unkempt girl will draw attention of the worthy gentleman.

Yes, but how to understand what such qualities, habits and beliefs are necessary to me? It is very simple. If you threw out, for example, belief that money is given with great difficulty, replace it with belief - money comes easily, they are replenished from the planned and unplanned sources, etc. If you at heart considered that nobody loves you, work with belief that your life is filled with love, etc. of

How to deal with qualities? Think of what has to be the person who achieved the objectives desirable to you. What qualities the one who already has something similar possesses? What character at it, knowledge, skills, habits? Make the list and begin to work on it - to change habits, to gain knowledge etc. Also imagine that you already have all these qualities. Yes, imagine just every morning that you already such person.

So you should do work on clearing of blockages and arrangement of the internal space! Also you remember: you will seed a habit - you will reap character, you will seed character - you will reap destiny.

Any person is allocated with extraordinary abilities, talents and force. Begin to use them, and at you everything will turn out as you are created just like God`s!

And when you make for yourself remarkable cocktail from new ingredients of the new image, your life will precisely exchange, and you will live cheerfully and happily!