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Purse and life: how to return itself control?

Then, there sound expression “Time - money“. But actually in money only that part of time which we can really exchange addresses.

And here return “ Money is time “ truly always. A salary, percent on the deposit, even we receive gifts on birthday in exchange for time. Each ruble is minutes of our past which we spent for earning money. When we waste money, it carries away hours and days of our life. And life one. Reflect, arranges you where and on what your life leaves?

Many treat money carelessly. Like, they mean nothing therefore there is nothing to consider them, to write down expenses and to pay them attention. Such impression is made because money seems a renewable resource. “It is just pieces of paper, you will think, still I will earn! “ But taking into account our equivalence it turns out that this impression is deceptive. Time - that leaves irrevocably.

It is necessary to agree with argument that money - not the main thing. There are more important things - a family, friendship, health, education etc. Certainly. But there is one but. Carelessly handling money, we take away from ourselves just that time which could be spent for our more important things. When there is not enough money, they dispose of us, but not we of them. Many talented, even great people could live longer and make more if reasonably handled money.

What to do if you lost control over the purse and life? Change the relation to money.

1. Count how many cost hundred rubles

Summarize all income which you gain in a month. Divide this sum on the number of the fulfilled hours. Let`s assume, in July you worked 5 days a week for 8 hours and earned 17 000 rubles. Means, each 100 rubles cost about 1 hour your life which you will have to spend at work and you will not be able to spend for something more pleasant or significant for you.

For 100 rubles you give hour of the life and freedom. Replace in the consciousness the phrase “It it costs 100 rubles“ on the phrase “There is an hour of my life“ and feel a difference.

This jacket costs 1600 rubles = this jacket costs to me two working days. This car costs 500 000 rubles = this car costs to me 5 000 hours = nearly two years. Next time, when you will buy something, think whether you are ready to exchange so many hours of the life for this thing. Whether it is worth it?

For example, can be not so silly will to spend all money earned in Friday day for cheerfully to spend Friday evening, to have a rest, relax, be loaded with positive energy. But it is hardly reasonable to change excess ten minutes of a morning dream for the cost of a half of the working day which late gives to the taxi driver.

Or perhaps you will come to a conclusion that it is time to lower the cost of your hundred rubles: to work less and to earn more?

2. Sort garbage

Carry out inventory of property. Reconsider the things. Without what objects you could do quietly? What things you did not use? Estimate their cost and count for time of the life. All unnecessary things are the thrown-out years. Mentally make them them a pyramid, a heap, the mountain. Wow! High! Think whether you want to throw out further time straight in garbage? Whether you are ready to increase further this mountain? Perhaps, next time it will force you to estimate usefulness of possible acquisition more objectively.

3. Not to turn into the miser, define the life priorities

After such calculations and bright examples there can be a temptation to go into other extremes: to become greedy and stingy. But it does not bring to good too. Make the list of the priorities, write down it and tell yourself firmly: “Here it is not a pity to spend part of the life for it!“

do not forget to include a family, friends, rest, new impressions, a hobby there, something that loads you with positive energy. When you spend life for what is for you really necessary, useful, pleasant, you have to feel remorse not, and pride. I worked and earned to myself excess hour with a family. I worked and earned on a trip to the Czech Republic. It was worth it!

4. Do not allow others to operate your life

on you From all directions advertizing flows. From the screen of the TV, the computer, from huge billboards, small leaflets and catalogs. From all directions inspire in us that not to do us without these or those things in any way, convincingly prove it, strike with colourful registration and personal charm. But there is in it one hitch.

To advertisers and sellers to spit on your life . The more the life you will spend, the they will preserve more. Put a powerful cordon of common sense on the way of advertizing. Wonder from where the desire to buy undertook: from real requirement or only from colourful advertizing?

Be careful, communicating with people who carelessly treat money. Many nonsenses and, in particular, silly expenditure arise “for the company“. Colleagues, friends and acquaintances carry away you to such places where you necessarily spend money that it is not necessary for you and what you were not going to be spent for. Learn to say no.

Do not give in to envy. Do not put public opinion above the. Svetka bought a diamond necklace? Lena presented to the friend the iPhone? At you eyes right there light up: “As! And why I do not have it? I want - I want - I want!!“ Stop. You need really a necklace or the iPhone? Here well in any way without it? Or you just are afraid to look worse than others?

Just it seemed to you for an instant that foreign opinion is worth it to give for it years. Others have requirements, priorities, needs. Not such, as yours. Everyone is concerned first of all by him. Here and you be engaged in the life. To you to live in it. But not the aunt Tase from the second entrance and not to Ivan from finance department, not to the mother-in-law and not the father-in-law.

They will remember you for a minute and right there will forget, and you kill time to please. To lead the life “adjusted“ to foreign opinion is how to wear a suit two sizes smaller: it is silly and inconvenient. So always think, solve: to have or not to have.

do not neglect life, be guided by common sense, spend life for what is worth it. What will be an award? When you cease to waste money, with surprise will find out that many things of which you also did not dream earlier will become available to you.

Instead of flowing away by you in the unknown direction, money will join the course necessary to you. You will be able to create from them lakes and reservoirs, to control, accumulate them.

Without being afraid to be left without penny, you will be able quietly to dare to exchange in case of need money back for a while: to take time off, free holiday, hospital, will leave and to look for other work within several months, to find work with shorter working day, earlier to retire.

Suddenly there will be an opportunity to make that you wanted long ago. It will turn out to fill life with what is pleasant to you.

And then, looking back, you will feel that life is lived not for nothing.