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Five myths about astrology. What of them yours?

Astrology - is ambiguous. Myths about it - the car and the small cart. Who produces this incorrect information, who gives rise to these myths? Journalists? Astrologers are half-educated persons? Any who did not study astrology did not address on consultation the professional astrologer, but has the only the correct opinion? Actually this article at all not about sources of incorrect information, and about myths. Meanwhile I will tell about five, most “tasty“, the most wrong …

the Myth 1. Astrology is necessary to all and whether always

All and whether consultation of the surgeon or lawyer is always necessary? The answer is obvious. Behind consultation to the doctor (the pediatrician or the psychiatrist), address the lawyer (the lawyer or the notary) only then, when arise problems or questions which independently the person is not able to resolve. ask For the help when this help is necessary. It is difficult to imagine the campaign to the therapist beginning with the question “The Doctor, Tell Something about Me, Well - Nibud Interesting!“.

Astrology is not necessary to you if at you everything is all right if you are happy with life, you know where to go and what to do. Astrology is necessary when there are problems and questions on which you cannot find answers independently. When these questions (to themselves and the world) become so sharp that do not allow to live quietly, only then there is a sense to go to the astrologer and to look for answers.

If there are no questions, answers cannot be. If there are no problems, they also can have no decisions. For this reason astrology as any other type of advisory activity is necessary to not everyone and not always!

Myth 2. Astrology is engaged in a prediction of destiny of the person

In this myth two mistakes are put at once.

In - the first, the astrological forecast is only one of astrological methods . The assessment of prospects of development of the current situation in time, characteristic of many types of analytical activity, at real consultation is not a consultation basis. (Development of a natal chart in time) resort to forecasting not so often as for some reason it seems from outside.

And in - the second, distinction between prediction and the forecast is essentially important . The first is characteristic of a mantika (guessing) when the gadatel does not need to know a situation at all, it is enough to it to be aware only of a subject, and it is already ready by means of habitual tools (the card, runes, clairvoyance etc.) to judge the future.

In astrology all, to put it mildly, not so. Before predicting development of the situation, the professional astrologer makes at least two things:

1) checks the provided data on the birth for compliance to circumstances of life and to past events;

2) analyzes a horoscope, more precisely, than its development in time for compliance to already existing situation.

At the same time, of course, for the full forecast it needs to possess full information on what already is correctly to judge what can be .

Astrology is engaged in forecasting of development of already current situation, and it is only small and not its main part. Though, to be fair, It should be noted that astrology attracts to itself thousands of people from - for this of the myth.

Myth 3. The horoscope is the only factor on which the destiny of the person

I again “two in one“ depends. In - the first, the destiny of the person does not depend on his horoscope, the horoscope only of displays features of a structure and development of system “person in time and space“ . And in - the second, internal potentials of the person which are described by a horoscope are only one of factors of formation of destiny.

Things which cannot be “read“ in a horoscope have huge value: it is heredity or genetics, this social environment, it and a personal level of development of the person which allows or does not allow to make certain acts, in general - a free will. There are also other, thinner factors which can be “counted“, having a horoscope of the person (the residence, surrounding people, etc.) . But now it is enough to understand only of one: the potential of the person described by his individual horoscope - only one of a number of the factors forming destiny .

Myth 4. Astrology is a knowledge only for the elite with supernatural abilities and to the simple person is not allowed to comprehend its secrets

Despite an okkultnost (reserve) of astrology as knowledge of the device of human destiny, for mastering by them and successful application in own life no supernatural / paranormal / ekstrasensorny abilities are necessary. needs only ability to think, analyze and compare the facts. And also usual abilities to training, assimilation of new information, its application in practice.

Of course professionally to be engaged in astrology, the special abilities and skills characteristic both for any consultant, and for the expert working with thin energiya and ambiguous things are necessary. But to seize astrology at basic, “school“ level, it is quite enough usual mental abilities. Astrology can be available to understanding and use to any person.

Myth 5. Astrology is disproved long ago by scientists who many times proved its insolvency

to Any sane person clearly that the system of knowledge cannot be disproved. It is possible to disprove its separate provisions only. But the matter is that even “scientists“ are not capable to disprove separate provisions of astrology correctly. Standing up for scientific character, a scientific method and scientific approach, the prevailing most of researchers was safely forgotten about all its requirements. Also made mistakes.

Challenged those statements which in professional astrology were never postulates , but were widely described in popular astrological literature. Used for the analysis of date of birth people though data on time and the birthplace are necessary for creation of a horoscope still at least. And also gave out for astrologers of the “left“ people, provided for work, to put it mildly, low-quality materials (as to you a photocopy from photocopies of photos of 23 persons of the Caucasian nationality?) and so on and so forth.

If you amuse yourself with thought that the scientific world got acquainted with astrology and made correct scientific experiments, then you are deeply mistaken. It is possible to find tens of mistakes in each of tens of “researches“. What here scientific approach...

Of course, it is not all myths about astrology which go on information open spaces now. There is a weight more of incorrectnesses of type 13 of zodiac sign - Zmeenostsa or signs - frontier guards, or “the horoscope is recommendations of the astrologer“, or “if to pick up favorable day for a wedding, then marriage happy“ … Such myths will need to be destroyed by

. Therefore it is quite possible that this article - not the last.