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The Izdergannost of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of Izdergannost razderganny value harm the nature of property is born is softened to extinguish brings to eradicate fight of a consequence of manifestation to master the prevention promotes to avoid appears to subdue the reasons causes to treat will get rid to overcome to eliminate

z with Izdergannost - painful irritability.

and Izdergannost of the person burns.

zd Izdergannost can be from nervous stresses.

zd Izdergannost cause experiences.

zd Izdergannost can appear from mental tension.

p turns Izdergannost of the handsome into the freak.

zd Izdergannost can be hidden to operate the emotions.

zd Grazes an izdergannost self-control.

and Izdergannost is inherent in losers.

p the Girlfriend of an izdergannost - haste.

p Izdergannost - closes the road fortunately. p If an izdergannost in itself not to eradicate

- it can turn into hysteria.

z Izdergannost obscures reason.

pzd Izdergannost does notable harm to health.

z to Izdergannost is inherent in sensitive people.

zd Izdergannost - can be from nonsense.

zd Izdergannost takes away ability to make the correct decisions from the person.

and Is people who are izdergivat even by singing of a nightingale.

zd Izdergannost - can be from weak character.

and the Izderganny person breaks on trifles.

and the Izderganny person - is not beautiful.

and the Izderganny person seems more silly.

pzd Izdergannost - mind keeps.

and Izdergannost - ruins heart.

zd Izdergannost has property to collect.

zd Izdergannost collects bad mood.

pzd Izdergannosti can resist if to distract or be loaded physically.

zp the Analysis, judgment of the events, studying of the nature of an izdergannost - promotes fight against it.

z Izdergannost either is caused by an illness - or conducts to it. z Izdergannost difficult information can cause


and Izdergannost is caused by jealousy.

z Izdergannost raise doubts.

zd Izdergannost occurs from - for the fact that something occurs not as there is a wish or desires or requirements of the person are not fulfilled.

zp is difficult to fight against an izdergannost - without having defined what caused it.

zd Izdergannost can be caused by fatigue.

zd Izdergannost are generated by fear and alarm.

zd Izdergannost can cause a stress, overfatigue, a sleep debt.

pzd Izdergannost is treated by steadiness.

pzd Izdergannost decreases lack of nervousness.

zd Enemies of an izdergannost - wisdom and self-control.

z Izdergannost can be caused by superstition.

pz Izdergannost causes violation of laws.

zd the Girlfriend of an izdergannost - lie.

z Izdergannost can cause preservation of secrets.

p does to Izdergannost life short.

d Izdergannost cause problems.

and Izdergannost reduces - a healthy sleep.

and Izdergannost reduces wellbeing.

z Izdergannost strengthens passion.

z the Friend of an izdergannost - pessimism.

and Izdergannost can will decrease a privacy.

pz Izdergannost is treated by stability of mentality.

zd Izdergannost strengthen unusual, urgent, important issues.

and Izdergannost is aggravated with possession of the power.

z to Reduction of an izdergannost is promoted by knowledge of psychology.

p Cost nothing the pleasures bringing an izdergannost.

and Izdergannost amplifies need and wealth. zd Izdergannost excessive enthusiasm can strengthen


yu Izdergannost - is infectious.

yu Izdergannost call someone else`s money.

yu Keeping calm - the person izdergivatsya.

yu Izdergannost cause bribes.

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