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Choose a loaf, a loaf whom you want? The nursery (and not really) game

Probably, the most known children`s game is “Loaf“ . Yes, yes! That that “here such height, here what width...“. Surprisingly, but this game does not get out of fashion and is popular not only in kindergartens.

Birthday, anniversary, an office party is not a complete list of the sphere of its application. “Loaf“ is played by people of the most different age, irrespective of the social status. There would be a desire, sense of humour, enough participants and a positive moral spirit.

If suddenly the reader of these lines already managed to forget that to what, then especially for serious and responsible people the instruction for application is located below.

Game: “A loaf whom you want - choose!“

Characteristic: festive entertaining action with round dance elements.

Game purpose: formation at members of action of feeling of participation and a positive psychological microclimate of group. Identification of likes and dislikes among participants.

Structure of participants: from 5 people to 15 people.

Age of participants: as agreed by the parties.

Main character: birthday man (or hero of the occasion).

the Scenario

Participants rise in a circle and join hands. The birthday man is in the center of a circle. Then participants begin to drive a round dance. They sing and move under music, carrying out the movements throughout a song (to cottons).

All participants speak in chorus the text:

As on... (a name of the hero of the occasion) a name-day (birthday or other celebrated event) of

we Baked a loaf:

Here such height (to raise hands up),

Here such nizhina (to sit down, touch a floor by hands),

Here such width (participants depart in the parties),

Here such dinners (meet to the center of a circle)!

A loaf, a loaf (all clap),

of Whom you love, choose!
the Birthday man tells


I love, of course, all,

A here... (a name of the participant) it is most!

Then new “birthday man“ gets up in a circle, and the round dance moves again, the text repeats. That the people did not start missing, it is possible to carry out several such “elections“ and to choose in turn all guests, and at the end once again in a circle there is a hero of the occasion.

Upon completion of game all guests in turn congratulate the birthday man, sing songs or read verses, give gifts from themselves personally and/or collective.

It is possible to diversify the scenario with appearance of fancy-dress actors, in advance rehearsed scenes of congratulations.

Children and teenagers will be pleased by life-size puppets, theatrical actors in suits of the Bear, the Hare, Little Red Riding Hood, Chanterelle and other fairy tale characters.

“Adult children“ will probably be surprised by Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, the Gipsy camp, and also Verki`s analog - Serdyuchki and variety collective “Viagra“. Perhaps, you will have also other interesting ideas, entertaining plots which will be inherent only in your holiday.

Such actions take place on big emotional lift and are for a long time remembered to participants as provide to everyone a scope for creativity and self-expression.

And of course, tea drinking with cake will be the highlight of the program. Or even with the real loaf.