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How dark glasses became fashionable?

the First darkened points appeared in the Roman times from requirement to protect eyes from the sun.

In ultrafashionable the sixtieth the British designers united with opticians to begin release of points of various shades.

Now the reason to wear dark glasses is dictated not so much by need, how many fashion. It is difficult to imagine Bono, Push Spays or Tom Cruise without design dark glasses.

Such brands as Ray - Ban, reached the success thanks to associations with the world of movies. In 50 - x Aviator - the best-known design dark glasses in the world - carried similar to Marlon Brando in cult movies, such as “Savage“ (“The Wild One“). It is not surprising that design points became the global phenomenon thanks to such comprehensive advertizing.

To pass for a celebrity, it is necessary to possess the attractive appearance determined by talent degree, confidence and, of course, design dark glasses. Everyone who seeks to resemble on stars allocates the important place in the clothes to fashion glasses. Such well-known brands as Gucci, Prada, Police and Ray - Ban, are the main advertizing products on pages of glossy magazines. And it is easy to understand why: branded dark glasses look easy, cool and protecting not only from flashes of cameras of paparazzi, but also sunshine.

In 60 - x all large design houses hurt obsession of giving of various color shades to points. Each celebrity had preferences in the choice of this or that color. Designers began to use names of stars during creation of design points. It became the beginning of a tendency in fashion where the famous designers competed among themselves, using movie stars and musicians in the advertizing.

The British designer Charles Goldsmith became the first who used a name of a star of Audrey Hepburn (“A breakfast at Tiffany“). Charles Goldsmith created the profitable market in the industry of fashion which was founded on strong names - Ray - Ban, Chanel, Prada and Oakley. His idea of comparison of the vision of forms and color with preferences of movie stars is live to this day.

Sunglasses got also into technical segments of human life, and into fashion. While the USA is strong in a technical characteristic of points as Oakley, the Italian dark glasses express the creative capacity of this country of designers which never stops the birth of new tendencies. Dark glasses of Gucci, Chanel, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Dolche & Gabbana and Prada - legislators of fashion of the real world - rush most of movie stars and fate - stars. The dark glasses which are initially used to protect eyes, are the statement of fashion and identity today and can rush all year and in any cases.

So, dark glasses of Prada - the symbol of worthy situation in modern society, is a masterpiece of creative potential and authenticity in each structure. Dark glasses of Prada are created for people who appreciate style.

And collections of dark glasses Gucci show faultless design, supporting fine balance between casual and smart. The name Gucci is synonymous with fashion and is an excellent example of the Italian fashion.

Dark glasses of Versace - one of the most fashionable names in the market of sunglasses. About 1978 Gianni Versace began to fill the international scene of a charm with the unique projects of the sun-protection screen and a palette. Versace designates elegance, refinement and luxury.

Be fashionable! Let stars shine on your eyes!