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Teletravel on the planet. We choose the way?

Settle more conveniently at screens of your TVs - we go to travel! Programs about travel were always popular. It is so fascinating - to visit each corner of the planet, but at the same time to be engaged in the usual things and even not to leave the cozy apartment!

And then inspired, with a full backpack of experience of such travelers familiar to us as Dmitry Krylov (“Useless notes“), Mikhail Kozhukhov (“In search of adventures“), Pavel Lyubimtsev (“Travel of the naturalist“), Yury Senkevich (“Club of travelers“), we think over the route and - at way!

With what greed thorough voyazhyor watches each their step, wishing to repeat all adventures of travelers: to be on friendly terms with Round by Heyerdal and to float on his legendary “Ra“ as Yury Senkevich; to live in the Indian tribe in Guatemala and to have a good time on grandiose Venetian and dissolute Amsterdam carnivals as Dmitry Krylov; to go on the most unusual and not hackneyed corners of the earth as Mikhail Kozhukhov; to wander about zoos of Sweden, Finland, New Guinea, Indonesia and many other countries as Pavel Lyubimtsev.

Inspired with wanderings of these legendary people, some well-known persons of our domestic show - business followed their example. So, Andrey Makarevich plunged with an aqualung into such places where the diver`s leg did not go, imprinting fantastically beautiful underwater fauna and the sunk ships in the program “Underwater World of Andrey Makarevich“.

Scandalous Sergey Shnurov traveled to deprive of a legend aura the country to which arrived on a visit. In the broadcast “Cord Round the World“ it gave explanations in the usual direct manner about Great American dream and of freedom on the island of Cuba. Reserved Vladimir Posner and witty vigorous Ivan Urgant created the program “One-storeyed America“, dreaming to make the trip in the footsteps of Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov to the USA begun in 1935. Leaders conquer roads and between times discuss the impressions.

In our modern world of television there are not only programs about travel, but also the whole TV - channels. There is a wish to note the most interesting and memorable.

of Russian Travel Guide TV

the Informative TV channel narrating about the biggest country in the world - Russia. You will visit unique places about which existence you also did not suspect, watch fascinating movies about the novel country, about its geographical and cultural diversity. The channel broadcasts on the following subjects concerning the extensive and immense Russian land:

Active recreation - about various extreme Russian tourism and active sports.

Hotels and entertainments - the programs devoted to information on resort and tourist places, hotels, sanatoria.

History - we study history of the mighty country together with RTG TV channel.

Cruises and excursions, Russia - one of the richest with water resources of the countries of the world. We travel around the seas, lakes and the rivers.

Culture - we will get acquainted with cultural values and modern intellectual richness of Russia.

Kitchen - for those who want to learn secrets of Russian cuisine.

People - we know better our contemporaries, residents of Russia, we will receive data on their life and professions.

Fauna - we watch animals in their native habitat.

Science and the enterprises - the program for those it is interesting to whom to visit the Russian plants and the enterprises, to learn more about modern science and equipment.

Hunting and fishing - we go to unique places to fishing and hunting.

the Nature - we get acquainted with the picturesque nature of national reserves and parks of Russia.

Walk on the city - together we will visit regions, the historical cities and the megalopolises of Russia.

Religion - the program is devoted to the religious religions existing in the territory of modern Russia.

Ethnography - about the world of culture and traditions of Russia.

Having included this TV channel, you are surprised how will pass three hours quickly, - you will be not to tear off from the screen. All of us dream to visit exotic far corners of the planet, and at the same time we do not suspect as something interesting is close to us and fascinating.

of Travel Channel

Popular TV channel about travel, available in 19 languages of the world. It is founded in 1994 in Great Britain. With this channel you will be able to visit the most amazing corners of the planet Earth and to get a practical advice at the choice and planning of rest. The channel represents the following directions:

Guides to the world - the programs “World Traveller“, “About the Main Thing“, “Trip round the world“ will share with you useful information about rest planning.

Kitchen of people of the world - that who likes to prepare tasty, to eat and not only, it is worth looking at the programs “Planet of Food“, “Chef Abroad“, “Travel in Places of Winemaking“, “Eager Wanderer“.

Documentaries - the Far Coast programs about cruises for oceans and “The storming planet“ about violent manifestations of elements.

Adventures - the programs “Wild Heart“, “In search of the Unknown“, “Guide for Adventurers“ about all ways of receiving adrenaline.

Magnificent travel - The Best Travel and About Magnificent Travel broadcasts for those who like to have a rest in five-stars hotels and with the maximum comfort.

Hobbies - the Big Fish, From Budapest to Bamako, The Travel, Best in the World, on the Motorcycle, Travel by the Picturesque Railroads and Fotoissledovateli programs about the most various hobbies and a hobby connected with travel.

The “Travel in Places of Winemaking“ and “Environmentally Friendly Travel“ programs, and also “About the main thing“ and “Travel today“ are own product of Travel Channel channel.

Teleputeshestviya Channel

This channel presents to

the most interesting domestic and foreign transfers about travel. With it you will hear and will see stories about fauna, about the latest wonders of the world and those which are known to us from a school bench, but to this day surprise, about megalopolises and the centers of world culture, about space and exotic corners.

An opportunity to look at domestic transfers and to get acquainted with the best programs of foreign documentary film makers will be presented to you: “The colourful planet“, “Subjugators of depths“, “Extreme travel“, “Around the Arctic“.

Also the TV channel has programs of own release: “Holiday without problems“ - the unique guide on tourism and rest, “We travel together“ - a meeting with people who share the impressions of travel, “Walk, Russia! “ - transfer about national traditions and holidays of Russia, “A national round dance“ - about the people inhabiting Russia since ancient times “I there was“ - the program created on the basis of movies about travel of TV viewers.

If you look, then study, learn numerous corners our planet! Choose an own way and go to travel! Who knows, maybe, and you will become the great teletraveller!

Happy journey!