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What it is a mammoplastika? Part 2

All types of implants and ways of access when carrying out operation of a mammoplastika have the features, the pluses and minuses. A little the rehabilitation period differs depending on the choice also.

the Postoperative period

is shown to

Right after carrying out operation on increase in a breast use of compression linen which it is necessary to carry about a month. Actually, the recovery period after carrying out a mammoplastika lasts so much. Also it will be necessary to complete a course of physiotherapeutic procedures.

At increase in a breast the early postoperative period is followed by painful feelings which, as a rule, pass for several days. Besides, emergence of hematomas (bruises and bruises) in the injured area is possible. Most often all these unpleasant consequences disappear completely later half a year, and then it is possible to estimate the result received as a result of operation objectively.

If there were no unforeseen complications, in 3-4 days after operation the patient can - with some restrictions - to return to a daily way of life.

However it is recommended to limit the movement of hands within 5 days after operation (and at the choice of axillary access for installation of implants - during 3 - x weeks).

Probable postoperative complications:

- implant shift;

- asymmetry of mammary glands;

- formation of contractures around an implant;

- feeling of a sleep in the operated area - both passing, and constant;

- formation of hematomas;

- formation of hems (including, kelloidny and hypertrophic);

- infection of the injured fabrics;

- long, unsatisfactory healing of seams;

- complications is from outside warm - vascular system (in connection with application of the general anesthesia);

- long or constant pain in the field of chest gland;

- thrombosis of blood vessels;

- pigmentation of skin in the field of chest gland.

Reduction of a breast

Reduction of a breast is a plastic surgery on reduction of chest glands. Too big chest glands can provoke back pain and in cervical department, and in certain cases even lead to a spine injury.

With a big breast it is difficult for women to pick up fashionable clothes. Often they cannot be engaged in some sports which demand vigorous movements. Besides, the periods can cause strong morbidity in such women in a breast. These are just those indications according to which it is desirable for women to reduce mammary glands in the operational way.

It must be kept in mind that the resection of tissue of mammary gland does not lead to increase in risk of oncological diseases of a breast. Moreover, the mammary gland is quite often changed as a result of mastopathy, and removal of excess fabric makes favorable impact as reduces risk of malignant regeneration of tumors. Carrying out operation

the Reducing plasticity of a breast takes with

about two hours. During operation the surgeon makes three sections: one - about an areola, one more - vertically down from a nipple to a fold under a mammary gland, and the third - it is horizontal on this fold sideways, towards a lateral surface of a thorax. There are also other options of cuts which reduce length and quantity of postoperative hems and do them the least noticeable.

Then the surgeon deletes excess of fatty and ferruterous tissue, surplus of skin, and then forms the most optimum by the sizes and in a form chest gland, at the same time placing a nipple in the zone most natural to a new shape of a breast.

Seams are removed in a week. In the postoperative period formation of bruises and some morbidity at first is possible. Usually patients are recommended to carry several weeks compression linen (without removing) that hypostases fell down quicker. Further, at least, within six weeks, it is not recommended to lift weights and to play sports.

Lifting of a breast (mastopeksiya)

To loss of a beautiful shape of a breast are led by pregnancy, a lactation, sometimes - sharp weight loss. The breast becomes less attractive, loses former elasticity, and can fall considerably. It is obvious that it is better to perform operation on lifting of a breast after all planned pregnancies that then there was no need for repeated surgery. During operation on a mastopeksiya with a big diameter of an areola it is possible to reduce its size also.

The best results can usually be received at women with a small breast as in this case problems can be solved with the help of the introduction suitable in a form and the size of a silicone implant which is placed under a pectoral muscle.

At large volume of ferruterous fabric in a mammary gland and at surplus of skin the mastopeksiya is made by excision of sites of skin around an areola and fabrics in the lower part of chest gland. At the same time inevitably there are postoperative hems around an areola and in the lower quadrants of a mammary gland as “keyhole“.

At surplus of skin and a lack of ferruterous fabric excision of skin during operation is supplemented with introduction of a silicone endoprosthesis of a suitable form and volume.

Duration of operation can make from 1 to 3 hours. At small extent of omission of a breast the surgeon can make a small section around an areola and after operation the hem will almost not be noticeable. When using this equipment of a mastopeksiya the areola sizes decrease a little. In case of considerable omission of mammary glands accurate cuts around an areola and an additional vertical seam usually become. This type of operation can be combined with operation on increase in a breast also.

The effect of operation not always is lifelong - in some cases in several years recurrence of omission of a breast and need of repeated intervention is possible.

Reconstruction of chest glands

Full reconstruction of chest gland which was removed in connection with a cancer tumor a severe form of mastitis, tuberculosis, fungal defeat or for some other reasons is one of the most complex challenges of plastic and reconstructive surgery. For these purposes there are various methods of reconstruction: division and change of the remained healthy breast, stretching of the remained fabrics, implantation of endoprostheses, movement of rags from other parts of the body, and also a combination of several listed methods.

Modern medical approaches and resources allow to recreate a breast which in a form and appearance a little in what will differ from real. In many cases reconstruction is applied right after removal of chest gland (mastectomy), and the patient wakes up after operation already with the restored breast.

It must be kept in mind that simultaneous carrying out a mastectomy and operation on reconstruction of a mammary gland perhaps not in all situations. The decision on carrying out such combined operation is made by the surgeon, carefully analyzing a clinical picture and results of additional inspection of the patient.

Complexity of operation on a reconstruction partially or completely lost chest gland is connected with its big duration, multistaging, high injury, and also with the increased risk of emergence of complications and need of rather long-term treatment for a hospital and the subsequent out-patient supervision.