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How to choose a geyser for the house?

Geysers happen two types: automatic and semi-automatic. On the device of a flue distinguish chimney, bezdymokhodny and turbocharged. Now briefly I will tell

about each look and what brand of a column and what producer it is the best of all to buy. I recommend to choose a column of the European producers from Germany, Poland, Spain, France, Turkey of firms Bosch, Jounkers, Vaillant, Beretta, Termet, Demrad.

Columns semi-automatic are columns which are lit from a zapalnik by a piezoelement (button).

Automatic are columns which work from batteries or from the power supply network (a turbo-), most often they are the Chinese.

Quality of semi-automatic columns 10 times more, than automatic, therefore the price on semi-automatic above. But is and among the Chinese columns there are quite good brands: Selena, Grandini, Duval, Termaxi. These columns correspond to the European quality therefore they break less than those which are collected in Russia or in Ukraine.

It is necessary to pay attention to the column device, namely to the water regulator which has to be in the bottom of a column (it separately hangs under the gas block). The regulator has to be bronze, and not plastic or siluminovy. If the regulator is connected closely (sideways) to the gas block, then it threatens further with deformation of all knot from - for water leakages. Then the column can just be thrown out because the gas block is usually made of alpax which very quickly becomes limp (decays) from influence of water and temperature. Plastic regulators fail from - for high temperature, at a temperature over 65 degrees they are deformed inflated).

Chimney columns have standard removal of charcoal gases, bezdymokhodny columns weak on power from - for small a gas consumption (are used in kitchen for washing of ware and hands).

Turbocharged columns use when there is no other choice (in 9 - storey buildings) from - for lack of a flue. These columns are afraid of frosts -18. -25 degrees, at such low temperature they break off the heat exchanger therefore it is necessary to pit from it water (sellers usually hold back such nuances). The pitting valve is in a reducer from below, it gets out a hand.

I recommend to all to put only chimney columns because they serve longer, in them there is less electronics and they are protected from hard frosts.

One more moment: when you buy a column or any other equipment of the European producers, be always interested what service center will serve it further and whether there are on it accessories. This information can be checked in such way.

You open the passport of a column where there is a description of details, you choose a couple, you call by telephone of the specified service and you ask about existence of details; if there are no such details, then are interested through what time will bring. If you are answered that in few weeks or in a month, then it is clear that with accessories there will be a problem. I write about it because I know: not in all cities services work accurately therefore it is necessary to buy what is available.

Successful purchase!